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  1. ty072179

    OKC Thunder

    As a Thunder fan & native Oklahoman, I like this series. Of course anything is an upgrade to what they have. Love the Navy, Light Blue, Orange, & White (Light Blue) sets. Would you be able to put together an orange set with the light blue numbers & trim instead of navy, also can we see what yellow looks like instead of white on the collar?
  2. Where are the updates? You were on fire!!!
  3. They look great! Just to satisfy my curiosity, I wonder what it would look like without silver & go with white.... Like a retro look
  4. These look cool! When will we see some more? Not trying to be greedy, but I really just enjoy them.
  5. I was tinkering with the Navy alternate uniform they currently have & I really like the design (better than the current). So I updated these unis in PAINT to their current color scheme. I know they're a little Let me know what you all think. Also any ideas would be appreciated.