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  1. I saw there was a thread about Tampa Bay Bucs possibly getting new unis for the 2020 NFL season.  Here are some markups I did.  I kept the Retro unis pretty straightforward, but combined the 2 looks with the Retro & the early 2000's.  Please give me any feedback you may have.


  2. So with the new additions to the Thunder unis, I again repost this because its' s time to fire whoever designs their uniforms!!!  They are getting rid of their 2 best uniforms this upcoming season.  I like the addition of the OKC Bombing unis, but I would appreciate them more if they wore them selectively in say April to commemorate the anniversary.  At least keep the navy statement & the teal city versions!!!

  3. Here are some of my ideas for NFL redesigns / concepts for the NFL.  These are rough drawings so please excuse that lack of perfection.  Also there are some teams that I didn't change hardly anything on.  Some teams are just awesome the way they are.  Please give me your feedback


    First up is the Tennessee Titans


  4. So I have been tinkering with several different options for the OKC Thunder this coming season.  These are based off of the city & statement collections, as if they brought them into their regular rotation.  Sorry for the crudeness of the drawing.  Let me know what you all think.   






  5. As a Thunder fan & native Oklahoman, I like this series.  Of course anything is an upgrade to what they have.  Love the Navy, Light Blue, Orange, & White (Light Blue) sets.  Would you be able to put together an orange set with the light blue numbers & trim instead of navy, also can we see what yellow looks like instead of white on the collar?

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