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  1. Since everyone is talking about the Broncos. Here's a shameless plug of a concept I did in 2016 after Denver's first color rush game
  2. The old sign that was in Sidney, MT before that store closed in 2017
  3. Hopefully it's the Rockies. But let's be honest they won't and we'll be stuck if their disasters until hopefully maybe new owners buy the team and change them.
  4. Another new logo and look it seems for the best thing to very come from Wyoming Newest location featuring the new font
  5. Still just plain old Mile High in Denver
  6. When I first heard they where going to put a logo at midfield I was kind of hoping they would go with this logo
  7. Yes, I remember Storm had caffeine in it but seeing as it was around for such a small time in the late 90s most people probably don’t even remember it. At at this point Pepsi would be better served starting over with a new name all together though
  8. Could've dropped both names and brought back the Storm name
  9. My guess would be they'll be going with this. Which is based off their 1950's logo and already is turning up more and more
  10. The Broncos are wearing their Color Rush at home for the first time vs Pittsburgh Week 12. There also wearing their Blue uniforms Week 4 against the Kansas City Chiefs and in Week 15 against the Cleveland Browns.
  11. The Rockies by a mile and it's not even close. A complete overhaul isn't need they just need to use their mountain logo as the primary and then create a new secondary logo
  12. Not much other info to go off of yet so no word if this logo got killed off
  13. Released last week Taco John's has a new logo. Below is the old logo on the left and the new logo on the right.