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  1. What about Northmen instead? It kinda fools off the tongue a bit better. I like the colors, can't wait for the jerseys. As to why Edmonton has a lot of Northy type names it's because (I believe) it's the northern most city in the world (or at least NA) with over 1 million people. (I will make a suggestion for the division realignment after this)
  2. Ooooo thee old game of Volleyball???! Great logos, not sure about the jerseys for Charlotte. Maybe try a more soccer style sash for alternate? Or use the sash for home/away and the alternate can have e curved sleeves. I do agree that the geographical alignment of the divisions seem... A bit off, though idk if you're trying to do more of an NFL style alignment (rivalries over everything). Is his an already established league or is this allsupposed to be a 'new' league? If it's established why not write a bit about each team and players, it would also help the designs seem more real. and I don't want to be 'that guy' but is this a league you would make into a fictional history league? Like AFA and PHL?
  3. Heyo, well... This was my first try at making a concept. I've done replicas of baseball jerseys in my spare time to get used to MS Paint, but never done a full concept. So I decided, why not start with a really simplistic early 1900s soccer (futball) team? i know it's bad, but it was my first try and I'm still not used to ms Paint (if anyone has any tips on how to add word marks and numbers to jerseys it would be very helpful) Philadelphia AC, established in the early 1910s by rich entrepreneur Justin Hewitt. The team quickly became the best club in Philadelphia, and one of the best in the Atlantic. Known for their strong, ruthless defense and acrobatic goalie for their jerseys I wanted something simple, but unique. I used a dark brown for the kits, a color few teams use. With gray pants to balance the color. No wordmark,or sponsor on the jersey for the sake of cleanliness I may may make more olde soccer teams and make a concept thread, I'm not too sure. Please send critiques and comments
  4. These are really nice, but I'm not seeing the blue helmet. Maybe go back to their silver helmets and this'll be great
  5. Looks good, I think the orange should be toned done a bit or thinned out
  6. Heyo, I've recently started to try to create concepts for sports with ms Paint. But I've having some trouble with finding the correct fonts and logos. I was wondering if anyone has any tips for finding those? but I also wanted to create this thread for any user to share some of their tips for creating good concepts. Because at least for me, starting out is pretty hard. thanks, please share your tips and trix if you like
  7. (Late post) is there a Ms Paint version of this? Or did you ever make a good paint soccer template?
  8. This is a little late. Well first off, this was one of my favorite MLB concept threads. Second, I'm thinking of starting to create my own concepts, I already have Paint but can't find any templates. Was wondering what template you used for here and how would I download it? Thanks
  9. The only problem with putting the numbers on the front of the jersey is what if there is a player who also uses the number 51?
  10. I think 51s would be the best choice for a team name. For colors I think you should change from their current and maybe do a silver/gray-black/neon green type thing? Maybe
  11. If you're gonna do Buffalo as a team, you HAVE to do Bison, it's been their minor league mascot for a looooong time. Also I think they should still be called the Expos, cause the Nats don't use any of the Expos history, and they've mentioned they would give back the Expos history if they ever expanded. (Think Pelicans and Hornets a couple years back) but I agree with the color change Bayous, Dusters, Thorns, are all good, tho I've always liked the old PCL Portland Beavers name.
  12. The only complaint I have with the Falcons, is the white helmet. Atlanta has always had one of the best helmet, whether it was black or red. The striped are really good, but I wish there was a blackout jersey as an alternate
  13. As a Buccs fan, I really like the jerseys, but I think the black jersey should be pewter instead. The sublimated ship is also a nice touch. But I have always preferred a pewter helmet
  14. Wow, those are really good for a first time. My only objection is where is all the black? Maybe add black socks? Also, the NHL has a heck of a lot of Red/White or Red/Black/white teams, so maybe add more storm flags somewhere? Like add a couple on the hem, maybe two rows of them on the waist
  15. If EGaming is a sport, then Competitive Pokémon Battling is a sport too ?? #TeamBlastoise #TeamLitten
  16. I've always enjoyed simplistic logo redesignes, as like you mentioned they rarely differ much from the originals. I think these are all pretty good and unique. But I think the lack of color is the only downfall.
  17. Amazing job on the Phills. I'm not sure about the 'PHILA' on the road, idk I think it looks goofy. Maybe change it to 'Philly' or 'Philadelphia' or even have it say 'Phillies' on both jerseys cause why not
  18. Time for Another one of my critiques !! Devils: I like the over use of black on the roads, I don't really have any critiques Isles: I like the numbers, not much else to say Rangers: I think it needs a bit more red but that's it Sens: I think there should be more gold Flyers: amazing, but you missed the best part of their jerseys. The discolored nameplate box around the names! cant wait to see the Sharks in a few concepts !!
  19. Lancers look really good and solid. I can see he navy and gray becoming infamous in Detroit like the red and white
  20. Woo, another bunch of jerseys to critique (if you don't mind) Dallas: keeping it the same is good, the Stars have one of the best if not the best jerseys in NHL Detroit: I always viewed the old English D as an alternate logo so I'm not sure how I feel about it being used on the away jersey... Edmonton: good as always, tho I would prefer the Oil stripes would also be on the stomach instead of only the arms Florida: I agree with Zues^^ they need the chest stripes like real life. I like the overall design of the jersey tho LA Queens: I like the idea, but I'm not sure how the away jersey would look on ice. Maybe keep the home 2-tone but make the away just 1 color Wild: it's hard not to go wrong with the hockey states jerseys. And you did a great job on these, gotta love non-white road jerseys Montreal: chest stripes on road #StayClassic Preds: by far the best design out of all of these. I'm not sure about the logo, it doesn't scream "run-away imma hungrey predatooooor" but it meshes well with this design i cant wait to see what you do with my sharks
  21. Oh ok now I see, thanks. I guess I was expecting something less subtle like the MLS jerseys
  22. Also since these are Addidas they should have the triple stripes under the arms
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