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  1. HEY at least we don't get hungover and fail at playing baseball the next season after winning the World Series, we bounce back and lose the World Series
  2. Patience is my specialty, I'm a fan of the Phillies I got no choice but to be patient
  3. I was curious if you would do a San José Sharks one, even tho they haven't been in a championship Edit: and Oklahoma City Thunder
  4. COME ON J'VILLE!!!!!!!!! New to this series, this looks awesome. Was wondering if you would do a whole season by season like how Veras and Hawkfan does?
  5. Hmmmm interesting. Just got caught up in this, so far great work. As for expansion I like either Dublin, Helsinki, or another team in Norway or Danmark
  6. How come my tread got merged with this one???? I'm so confused???!
  7. so I guess I'm a weird person then, you all like teams from your state/city. I have a rule that I can only like 1 team per state, so I like the Cowboys, Phillies, Sharks, Toronto FC, Lizards, Minnesota Wind Chill, and I'm still new at basketball so I don't have one yet Reasons for those teams Cowboys= my dad likes them and I grew up in between Philly and Pittsburgh so why not be different Phillies = I got into baseball only 5 years ago, at that time the Phillies were good so I bandwagoned, they suck now but so what Sharks = my brother and I always played an old 1998 hockey game and I always played as them because I like sharks Toronto FC = Giovinco Lizards = the name is just really cool Minnesota Wind Chill = they have the best uniforms and logos And if I had to choose NBA I would say OKC Thunder = Kevin Durant Also funny fact, I've never seen a team I support win a championship (Phillies won in 2008, I started liking the, 2010) (Licards won last year, but I didn't get the channel)
  8. So I felt like asking this to all of you people, who r your favorite sports teams, and why do you like them?
  9. Is there a template that's soccer or lacrosse-ish that can be used for Ultimate Frisbee. I would also need a baseball hat template for that also?
  10. I tried I couldn't add it on my iPad, once my computer is working I'll try on there it should be easier
  11. Dude those are crazy, love how NYL and Phillies have the different colors on the stars since they wore different colors on those. This may seem dumb, buts what's URL?
  12. Thos looks sick. Not sure how to add photos to my signature yet tho. I would like to request: Philadelphia Phillies (with current logo) but I only want World Series wins and World Series Runner Ups (and ect with the other teams) Dallas Cowboys (you may have this done already) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (with only the Super Bowl win) (also since I'm asking a lot of them can I get a few of the, combined into one? Like Cowboys and Buccs since they r both NFL?) And New York Lizards MLL team (not sure if you do MLL but I would like that with the current logo also. (Also with the 2015 championship that we just won Saturday) Now if only the Sharks or Wind Chill have won a championship Thanx Also how do you get them onto your signature (ps I'm using an iPad so it might be different)
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