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  1. Opening night for 49ers black unis. Expectations? The Vikings will nevertheless ensure stability in their whites with purple pants.
  2. Packers is one of the few teams that doesn't need a throwback. Because they already have an old school identity. It's more effective when the Buccaneers goes orange or Patriots goes Pat Patriot.
  3. Huh? Well the below did happen on Seinfeld, but I doubt that's what he meant... Ha, wow! Sorry, Seinfeld is sort of my definition of how the early 90's looked. At least the first couple of seasons of the series. It's not the most hyped period in time looking back at it now. Simply put, those Twins unis reminds me of the 90's.
  4. I really like the 87 Twins uniforms with the "M" cap. Yes, they look Seinfeld and not retro in a modern way. But they are simple, effective ("Win" in Twins is still a smart design), and reminds people of the winning days. Also, the pinstripes looks really good on the away uniform.