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  1. That would actually be a great set of logos for a D3 school.
  2. Pats have the worst look, to me, at the moment, but I'm digging these. I agree on silver pants for the alternate. Not sure how I feel about th Raiders. Those stripes look gaudy, but I'm sure I could get used to it. The problem with the Ravens is that their colors kind of don't match well (and their logo looks funny when flipped), so what they have is about as good as it gets. Your version is the best mock I've seen, just get rid of those yellow cuffs.
  3. At laughed pretty hard at the main logo. That definitely defines him. Nice work.
  4. The tweaks to the Jets were great and really improved their look, but stayed faithful. I think the helmet stripe for the Giants is fine, but removing it altogether might not look bad either. The Jags would actually look professional in your set.
  5. The Cardinals home jersey has black stripes and pants have white ones. My suggestion would be to follow the consistency of the away and alt and pick one striping color.
  6. These are awesome. Love the Bengals especially.
  7. The Browns look better, but that stripe extending onto the front of the jersey will always look weird to me.
  8. I have a plan set in placeMemphis moves to LP Field Birmingham goes to Bryant Denny Stadium Orlando once the Orlando City Stadium is complete they will move there I was thinking Memphis relocating to Nashville,Birmingnam to Atlanta, and Orlando to either South Florida (They can play in either FIU Stadium, an Expanded Lockhart Stadium, or FAU Stadium, if not at Sun Life) or Tampa Bay, but what you said works tooSo you want teams in existing NFL cities rather than neglected markets?
  9. Glad you took the weird stuff off the Seahawks. Looks a lot better.
  10. I like what you did for Mizzou, but the helmet stripes were pretty cool IMO.
  11. Understandable. Excited to see what you have in store.
  12. Can't mess with perfection. The Raiders set is perfect. Giants!
  13. This is my school and I can tell you firsthand we are "SOSU," not "SEOSU." I like this idea as I hate our logo. But I'd use a modification of this current secondary logo. Perhaps place this one in front of an Oklahoma and it'd make a great primary. But there would definitely need to be "SOUTHEASTERN" written somewhere outside the state of Oklahoma. We have a decent font as is, and an alternate logo featuring the mascot, Bolt. But I definitely agree that we could clean it up some.