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  1. Im surprise this hasn't been posted
  2. Here's a great concept of the uniform based on the rumors. It doesn't look too bad, but it still needs orange!
  3. The Defenders already look pretty great so I only changed a couple minor things. I went with white pants at home and removed the shoulder bolts with tv numbers.
  4. Roughnecks look to be wearing their navy road pants with their home uniform.
  5. Maybe the colts will fix their stripes using the panthers method. (They probably won't)
  6. If the bucs were to go away from pewter and go anthracite, I always thought these would be a great direction for the helmet. They also fit the cannon ball look.
  7. For the Battlehawks I thought about making some changes, but I think their uniform is practically perfect in every way. I thought about using a grey facemask, but the navy ties the uniform together. The only minor change I made was use a number font that is slightly thicker.
  8. Going forward with the Wildcats, I wanted to reduce the amount of black by mainly focusing on orange. I went with a basic stripe style due to the poor execution of the actual uniform stripes. I thought about using a white helmet for this concept but I went with orange because its more unique. I also wasn't sure about the helmet stripe, but decided to keep it for consistency. Its also a nod to the bucs original creamsicle uniforms.
  9. For the Renegades I kept it simple with only minor tweaks to the overall look of the team. I decided to use more of an old school shoulder yoke and updated the numbers with a simple style of block font. I also matched the pants to their amazing looking helmet and ditched the black pants.
  10. I'll start first with the Houston Roughnecks. I wanted to base their look on the early era of silver lids that the oilers wore, due to the similar resemblance in logo. Because of the overuse of navy by most sports teams I decided to base the set on a red and silver with navy as the accent. The helmet is mostly the same except the stripe mimics one worn by the oilers in the 60s. I also used a thicker font and switched the colors of the numbers on the home jersey.
  11. I don't wanna jags jack this thread, but the originals are far superior to these.
  12. Can someone send the vikings these socks, but with purple and yellow stripes.
  13. REJOICE! So glad they wont be stuck in the 2000s anymore. Now please go back to the originals.