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  1. That the 49ers are now a two striped team rather than three striped team. Three looks so much better imo because that is and has always been their iconic look.
  2. The giants would look amazing if they went back to the old gray pants at home and moved the tv numbers to the sleeve cap (like the raiders). That way it'd look almost as good as their road uniform, which is top 5 in the league.
  3. If it is true, I wish they'd remove the side panels and put the tv numbers on the sleeves.
  4. The redskins concept is perfect! I love the spear and throwback face logo
  5. Here's an older take I had on the Bucs uniforms too! Not too complex but it allows for the creamsicle throwbacks while retaining some of the look from the 97 update.
  6. The gophers uniforms look horrible today. I miss their modern classic set, they were perfect!
  7. With the brief discussion in the NFL 2019 thread, I decide to make a redskins uniform set based off their current throwbacks. I removed the white from the numbers for a cleaner look while also making the pants gold with a stripe. Although I think their current uniforms are classic, I believe this would be a great direction for them to take if they were to make an update. I also feel the throwback logo is far superior to the current.
  8. I feel like the jets should've went with the look of Saskatchewan, but with their pre nike uniform design. Their uniforms look great!
  9. What if the chargers used the jags previous font? I always thought that would look decent.
  10. I think I see someone on the 49ers is wearing "01" Not sure who though.
  11. I miss the Vsr4, such a clean classic look. Why do all these new helmets have to look so wonky. The viscis and Air xp are the only ones that look decent.
  12. Not too bad. However the pants stripe bugs me, it may have been better if it started from the bottom and went upwards.
  13. The vikings should of darkened the uniforms instead, they are too bright!
  14. There is also no logo on them from what I can see too!