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  1. ... Dont fix it. (except get rid of the wordmark)
  2. It may be an unpopular opinion but these original uniforms are far superior to the fred taylor era with the custom number font. I wish they had never changed them.
  3. If they did bring back throwbacks I would hope they wear the 1961-68 home uniform or an away throwback to these.
  4. Thats basically what I did for a previous Chargers concept of mine. (Spoiler because this is not concepts thread) I really like the white helmet because of the history of the Chargers, but if they were to update I could see them with blue helmets. Also if the Titans dont want light blue the Chargers might as well emphasis it.
  5. I always thought that the bengals could have orange pants that match their helmet, however I like this jersey design minus the chest logo.
  6. They need to keep the tv numbers on the sleeve cap if they were to adopt this full time.
  7. I dont mind them using black socks to break up the yoga pants look with green pants.
  8. They could just make a alternate kelly green jersey that has midnight green accents, kind of like what the jets did. That way it wouldn't look too off.
  9. Looks to be a new Xenith model due to the ear shape and facemask. Yep I looked at their site and its the new Xenith Shadow.
  10. The only thing they should of done to the original uniforms is lighten up the green. Then change the logo to the football shape and add an alternate uniform that has a jet logo. Oh and fix the shoulder stripes so it doesn't stick out and get rid of the chest logo. Done!
  11. I think every hat should use the teams retro logo, like you did with the rams, due to it being the 100th anniversary.
  12. I like the O/O/B/O combo. I'd rather the browns go with the 60s design, but if they base them off their color rush this is the way to go.
  13. I always thought double stripes was a staple for the jets and hoped they would have remained, but updated. On another note the black facemask will look bad, white is the better option.
  14. It may be unpopular, but part of me likes that the browns have a helmet as a logo (mostly due to the Vsr4). They could make their logo a 60s helmet design if they go back to retro uniforms and maybe a side profile.