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  1. I love this concept! I think its a great direction for the team without completely ditching the history. I'd love to see a uniform concept.
  2. I like the modern pattern, they just need to fix the collar.
  3. From a uniform design standpoint, Im just so tired of seeing pointy pant stripes. (Jets, Falcons, Bengals, Broncos).
  4. I like the throwback vikings design the most (except you need to fix the sock stripes and logo).
  5. This thread is now as bad as the new falcons uniforms.
  6. Besides the horrible color rush uniform, the only thing that really bugs me is that the sleeve stripes are now screen printed. The previous version of the stripes looked way more professional:
  7. Continuing with the large cat theme, heres my take on the Jaguars. IMO the Jags got it right on their first uniforms, but with this update I wanted to base the design on the current uniforms. The helmet is unchanged except for the logo which is designed by @Htown1141. I added more gold because their current set lacks it, and modeled the sleeve caps based on the stripes on the original jerseys.
  8. I wasnt much of a fan of my Panthers concept so I decided to give it a refresh and kept it closer to the original design. Instead of black I went back to a silver dome and brought back the stripes to the sleeve cap. I decided to g with the blue jersey once again due to the fact there are many black jersey teams.
  9. Decided to continue this thread by trying a simple, but modern take on the Cardinals. The helmet is already perfect so no change needed. I wanted it to emulate the classic 60s uniforms, but with a simpler stripe design.
  10. The raiders should never touch the uniforms or logo.
  11. Exactly! These were modern classics and its been down hill ever since. I especially love the matching numbers and stripes, perfectly balanced colors too. It's also the reason why the bucs previous uniforms worked so well:
  12. Im surprise this hasn't been posted