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  1. I wish the outline was thicker and had no wordmark.
  2. Knowing Nike, I bet the pants will look something like this:
  3. Seattle technically isn't monochrome because they have contrasting navy socks. I think monochrome is all one color.
  4. While watching highlights of the 2004 wild card game between Seattle and the rams, I noticed that I really like both uniform designs from that era. The colors are unique, the style is consistent, and no monochrome. I love the rams font as its not too reliant on a gimmick and the stripes on Seattle look great. The only thing a dont like is logo patches on the sleeves. Sure, their classic looks are much better, but these are darn good. They're two great uniform sets, during a bad era for NFL uniforms.
  5. It's been all down hill since their original uniforms.
  6. Why aren't the numbers on the sleeve? Looks weird to crowd them on the shoulders.
  7. I like it, but I'd make the numbers white for legibility.
  8. A plain centered workmark and conference logos at the 25 would look great The superbowl logo could stay at the center.
  9. The new font and the blue color are the only things I like about the modern set. The throwbacks still look better though! Also cant wait for a yellow jersey (wish they went with yellow primaries).
  10. I would've loved to have seen those proposed packer uniforms come to life, I wonder if they ever made them. I'm glad they somewhat stayed with the classic design though.
  11. It may be unpopular but I love the Hotshots uniforms. I really wish the rams went with a yellow jersey with the redesign.
  12. They need a new workmark too, that font is ugly.
  13. I asked my buddy (who doesn't know anything about football) what he thought about the uniforms tonight, and he said "they look so professional"