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  1. virt

    AFL by virt and Nike

    actually disregard the OP, here's the actual start of this 'folio. Home jumper is as it always was - red, gold and navy hoops. I deleted the white stroke from the numbers and added the club logo above the sponsor. The alternate jumper is, as I said before, the hoops re-imagined on a red base. Red shorts and socks mean a third kit is not really needed. Details inside the collar include the PW initials, for their coach Phil Walsh who was murdered earlier this year, and 'We Fly As One', their club slogan, apparently.
  2. hey sportslogos visitors, so, folks from sites other have been pestering me to sign up and post my here for a while now. until now, I've just told them to get rooted. I'll be making over the AFL, in alphabetical order, with Nike being the apparel supplier in this 'folio. The Adelaide Crows have long list of absolute :censored:e (and mostly white) alternate jumpers. I attempted to rectify this with this ensemble. Featuring their traditional hoops in a funky, new pattern, the red base alleviates any colour clashes with rival times.
  3. 2nd row, 3rd from right looks like something my ex-girlfriend and I would do... :censored: I miss her