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  1. Would someone more talented than I be able to create a photoshop template from this? Thanks in advance Download
  2. Rygi13

    Nashville USL team

    I just saw the Nashville FC team/ logo after I posted this, from what I read it would be a new team.
  3. USL has just announced plans to start a team in Nashville Nashville United (or another better name) Logo is inspired but the city's famous music scene, and features a guitar pick and 6 stripes to represent a six string guitar
  4. With the US opening trade with Cuba could the team with the MLB's lowest attendance be moving south?
  5. With the US opening trade with Cuba could the team with the MLB's lowest attendance be moving south? (rough)
  6. Concept: Current Logo: Little 500 is an annual bike race held at Indiana University MORE INFO
  7. This is a gif that has a few options on David Accam
  8. Thanks for all of the feedback! I'm trying to incorporate your ideas into future designs.
  9. Thanks! I agree so I added a wordmark to the new Roma Uniforms. Also I cant find the full fonts for most of the teams so I didn't add a NOB but if I could all of these would have a NOB.
  10. NFL has set up a new experimental league in Europe. Many of the major soccer clubs got in on the action and bought an NFL team... these are there uniforms! In this fictional and experimental league the NFL has started to test out the idea of ads on the uniforms as well as different uniform suppliers (if I can find the templates), as well as adding more colored uniforms for more color vs color matchups. PSG HomeAway Manchester City Home Away Barcelona Home Away ADDITIONS ROMA REAL MADRID BAYERN MUNICH MANCHESTER UNITED TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR WEST HAM UNITED INTER MILAN ARSENAL ATLETICO MADRID
  11. Here is a look at the back of the kit The Chicago Fire Department's Motto is featured at the top of the jeresey
  12. This version includes the horizontal stripes seen on the fire fighter's jackets
  13. Here is another version with the Chicago Fire Department's Logo
  14. Here Is a black version of the design. The only problem is the similarity to Columbus (the Fire's rivals colors)
  15. I created a new concept for the Chicago Fire 3rd kit. The current away and 3rd kits are both based on the Chicago flag, so I thought it was time to change it up. These Jerseys are based on a fire fighter's uniform, The neon and silver accents would be a reflective material similar to that of a fire fighter's uniform. (the image with the black background is meant to show off the reflective accents.) This is what the reflective material looks like in action (Lower Left) This is also seen on the new Tampa Bay Jerseys Although The CFD wears black uniforms I wanted to keep at least on team color on the jersey.
  16. The MLS has enough all red sets