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  1. Despite the flaws, this Thrashers 3rd looks so much tougher than the sissy Blueland Rainbow Pajamas that Atlanta wears now. I think the team is going to look sharper skating in these. I would have prefered the Bird head of the shoulders to be where the number is, but I'm okay with the giant number on the front. It's distinctive.
  2. It's not yellow, and it's only one arch...but it's nearly the same shape as one half of the McDonalds Arch. It matches the shape of the McD's arch MORE than the St. Louis arch, which is the problem. It needs to be much wider. The St. Louis Gateway is 630x630ft. and does NOT have the front/underneath perspective of two sides as you look at. It bends so that it looks like one flat piece of metal. The McDonald's arch does have the front/underneath perspective of two distinct sides. I can't believe that guys on a logo board can't make out these very obvious distinctions. LOOK AT THIS: This is NOT what is represented on the St. Louis jersey. LOOK AT THIS: or THIS: Half of that in B&W is closer to the St. Louis jersey than the real Gateway is. The arch on the Blues jersey only resembles the real Gateway arch in color. It is completely WRONG in perspective and shape, and is closer to being one half of McD's logo than the real Gateway. But somehow that's good enough.
  3. The arch is very should be not as skinny and start higher up in the crest. Absolutely HATE the striping. Very collegiate.
  4. Guys, I think they're going to release the jerseys around the start of camp. What do you think? For me, I say closer to the start of camp. Probably not much before or after camp.
  5. I remember going to a game at Foxboro as a kid, and I believe it was in the early 80's. At halftime they brought out a proposed logo onto the field that looked a lot like the Flying Elvis (more so than the above designs) for fans to give their voice to: Cheer Yay or Nay. Upon further review, it may have been logo #2. The entire place booed the logo. When the Flying Elvi were revealed I thought it was rather odd, remembering back to the prototypes.
  6. The sweaters aren't going to make it. I'm okay with the tighter fit, the new designs, and even the piping...but these jerseys weren't properly tested nor were they properly designed (the captaincy controversy). I used to do work in RBK's corporate headquarters shooting videos of their apparel testing and design. In general the company is a bunch of hacks feeding from a corporate trough.
  7. Hey, how come the Q and the AHL etc get rbk jerseys with all kinds of graphic elements, while the NHL teams like Philly, Ottawa and TB are wearing pajamas because all they did is stitch different colored pieces of fabric together? The NHL teams could have had all kinds of creative stripping, but instead they have rigid piping?
  8. Yikes, The Rays are the Nu Padres meets Los Dodgeros meets a PowerPoint presentation. That organization is dead to me. They're actually trying to go with the Rays of Sunshine look with the atrocious "R"? If so, then make the hat a frikkin' "R" with the sunshine glint, and not the abbreviation for tuberculosis!
  9. I was going to chime in, but I was going to write almost exactly what you did. Thank you for saving me the time! Only difference is that I like the NYI jersey and the PHI jersey is a let-down. Columbus rules, Calgary stinks.
  10. ATL's home is an upgrade, there's now a balance to the one shoulder with the side vertical panels, and the shoulder patch. The road is weird, but it looks meaner, so I like it. I wonder if they'll change their socks slightly too? Overall, an upgrade.
  11. I like the new Avs jerseys, and I think the piping actually frames the logo nicely. I wish they could have kept the "mountain" at the bottom hem of the jerseys. I have a feeling that the road jerseys will look even better.
  12. You might want to address you grievances to: Mr. Seymour Constantine 2447 W. Parker Drive Cincinnati, OH He was the man who actually thought it was a good idea to have the name of the city on home jerseys. If you find that it's "actually funny" how designers think the jerseys look good, some of them will be appearing at a comedy club in Regina this week. I can't remember the name of it, but I'm sure if you google it, it should pop up. Thank you for your insightful post, you are truly making this board a dynamic place for the exchanging of ideas.