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  1. I feel like posting a long, exasperated rant about the Lions' loss today, but I think I'll restrain myself :P 

  2. What's up man, it's ThePurplePeopleEater from FI.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ZionEagle


      Really? Do you know their username? I might have to say hello. 

    3. NeauXone
    4. ZionEagle


      Lol that's it? Okay then :D

  3. Yea I would like to see what you come up with and I will out your ID and give you credit for the work

    1. ZionEagle


      Okay sure. I've already been working on one logo, I might show you in a bit. Not sure if I'm happy with it, so I'll do at least one or two more :)

    2. deked73


      its the first step so i never expect it to be the final design. as you have probably seen how many variations companies come out with before the final version is decided on


  4. With our offense? Pssh of course not /endsarcasm

    1. ZionEagle


      Oops...wrong section :P

  5. Good luck to all the Logolympiad participants. The entries look great so far.

  6. Thanks for the friend request Jake :)

  7. Lions 0-5. Talk about another bad season. Am I suprised?

    1. DisneySports1


      The Lions are now 1-5.

    2. ZionEagle


      Yeah I know. This status is old.

      Won't really help considering we were cheated out of two games already. Should be 3-2...

      But of course our offensive line really sucks this year

  8. Slaving over my computer, trying to finish a project....