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  1. sorry to be off topic, but are there any other teams expecting to have changes coming? Logo, Unis, Helmets and etc ??
  2. i did rebrand in nba 2k17 for the pacers few months back i think mine look better then what they have , maybe it my age or just me.
  3. i am sure who ever getting a new logo will show it off before the draft lottery if there in it on next tuesday
  4. I really hope Nike gives teams their own warm-up , like in back in the day. Not the same one with there teams color and logo.
  5. cool . still, hate the fact its only yr away from the Olympics. Hope they go back to that 2 yrs in between after this. Think it will cause some players not to play in either/or because of the short summers in a row.
  6. has there been any news about Washington doing a name change again? i only ask because of Nike taking over might easier for them and maybe cheaper to do a rebrand.
  7. you could just say which teams they are , might sound more believable...
  8. any news of the kings officially release of there new unis and court ? Also are the pistons getting new uniforms next season or not ?
  9. any news of the kings officially release of there new unis and court ???
  10. I think addias got confused with the jazz and real salt lake unforms . please get rid of all sleeves.
  11. not sure if your talking about ball logo and or the skull involved. But I think the name in the ball is the why there going , doubt the league would ok any logo with a skull. But it is cool logo.
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