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  1. Woodland Hills Wolverines Pittsburgh PA My wonderful alma mater.
  2. Didn't they only use it for two years? Dallas has used it longer. It's the Dallas Stars' logo now and is usually identified as such by most, excepting folks living in the past. Nice jersey but I'd like to see green in there since it's so underused in the NHL. Fact is, its a Minnesota North Stars logo, and as far as I can see, it's very similar to the star from the N logo.
  3. If you want to forget about the North Stars, you have to get rid of that logo.
  4. I actually kind of like this, in a 1995 sort of way.
  5. The triangle is gold because downtown Pittsburgh is called the "Golden Triangle". A blue triangle makes the whole logo meaningless. /pet peeve
  6. Apparently, in the early 90's, Howard Baldwin considered changing the Penguins name to the Hornets. This was during the switch over to the pigeon logo. http://pittsburghhockey.net/PensPages/LogoHistory/LogoHistory.html
  7. Well, clearly, but it also says they had the striping from these jerseys:
  8. Does anyone have any pictures of the Penguins scrapped third jersey from 2003? Link I'd like to actually see this. I recall the local news showing something at the time...
  9. I think grey is the color you're looking for on a new Whalers jersey, not black. I think grey would work for both the Whalers and the 'Canes.
  10. The Penguins used to wear yellow helmets with the white and alternate jerseys:
  11. I honestly think the Pens are going to be going with the white version of their current thirds. Concept pictures of the Penguins team store at the new arena has the whites on display, not the blues.
  12. It's a little strange seeing the names and numbers outlined in red, but not the logo.
  13. Now all they need is a new WWE logo. I think it's safe to say this one has run it's course, especially considering it's been butchered and non sensible for like 10 years now. It was perfect when it had the F attatched to it, but even that would be a little tired now. If your name is WWE, yet your logo only says WW, then you have yourself a logo problem.