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  1. Well, clearly, but it also says they had the striping from these jerseys:
  2. Does anyone have any pictures of the Penguins scrapped third jersey from 2003? Link I'd like to actually see this. I recall the local news showing something at the time...
  3. I realize it's been almost a year since anyone posted in this thread, but I didn't want to make a whole new thread just for this picture. Here's the Penguin's new Stanley Cup banner:
  4. From what I have seen so far on TV, the Penguins new banners aren't too hot. But I'm not entirely sure, as they haven't had a straight shot on them yet. The list banners are mainly Vegas Gold with black and white stripes at the top and bottom, along with a Penguins logo and NHL logo at the bottom. The conference banners are all black, with gold and white stripes at the top and bottom, with the corresponding logo at the bottom. Meaning, banners for the 90's teams have the pidgeon. However, I'm not sure if they use athletic gold or vegas gold on those banners. From what I'm seeing now, the cup banners are white, with black and gold stripes. They sort of have the triple championship thing going on, it seems. Again, it wasn't a clear shot on TV.
  5. http://penguins.nhl.com/team/app/?service=...rticleid=385671 "The Penguins will introduce two new banners celebrating their 2007-08 Eastern Conference and Atlantic Division championships, as well as three others commemorating the team?s history of individual achievement. Two new banners will list the Penguins? 12 NHL scoring champions, and another will list their five NHL MVP award-winners. In an effort to standardize the expanding banner collection, the Penguins also have created new banners for each of the team?s previous championships ? Stanley Cup, Presidents Trophy, conference and division. They all will be on display at the home opener Saturday night." So not only are the Pens getting the two 07-08 banners, but all new banners for the previous championships, as well as the new list banners. Someone is going to have to take pictures Saturday night.
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