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  1. Man - I really like the Philadelphia ring. I also appreciate the subtle pieces of history for the season into the mindset of making the rings. Nice job.
  2. Well, I really love the Philadelphia ring. It is good looking, though I would like to see some more elaborate styles and designs in the future. The Toronto ring is pretty damn nice. I see the ring maker (Jostens) has cornered the market lately, when it comes to making the Super Bowl rings.
  3. BAMA - I cannot wait to see the new Bama, National Champion rings! I hope their unique and blingy! RTR!
  4. Here is the ring TCU received for their Alamo Bowl win against Oregon. Same style as the Stanford ring. It is a big ring.
  5. Here is the TCU ALAMO BOWL RING. Same style as Stanfords ring.
  6. This picture is pretty awesome. I too am hoping Jostens will do the Broncos rings with a touch of nostalgia and with modern tones, it could and hopefully be better than last year's Pats ring. Which, to me, besides the Steeler's 6th ring, is pretty darn awesome.
  7. Man, I really like the design of the GSW ring. But, I have to admit, I agree with the sentiment regarding the 'cheap' look. The design and input have a lot of qualities that reach to the history of the city. Nice, but not overwhelmed...
  8. None taken, for the most part, the latest SB Ring from the Patriots is pretty gnarly (in a good way). I love the style and homage to the past with the marquis diamonds celebrating the past SB's won. The Steelers latest ring was the one I liked the most, I should have clarified that. I hate to say this as a Steelers guy but in reality, I will digress and say the Pats have done a great job overall designing their rings. I am always anxious to see the styles and designs that get introduced each year. Soon enough we may see knuckle rings....
  9. Matt Vanderbeek played on that Cowboys team and was at a charity function. He let me hold the ring and put it on. I can tell you this; I am not a Cowboys fan. GO STEELERS! But that ring is gorgeous. IMO. I thought the ring and looks were stunning. The ring was not overly gaudy but it attracted your attention. I began to become a fan of that style of ring, across the finger as opposed to the wide style that dominated the championship ring styles. Of for that matter the AFC ring photographed next to it. The ring was solid 10k and heavy. For simplicity and overall looks, it has to be one of my favorite rings visually. Of course, the Steelers 6th ring is my favorite because it was dramatically different from any other ring at the time. NY Giants last one, same thing, outside the box and looks awesome.
  10. I see, great input on the weight of the precious metals used to make the rings. I didn't even think about assessing that. Well for appearances, it is a LARGE ring. The Marlins ring WS ring is a beast too. Man, sometimes simplicity can look good too.
  11. I am not a Patriot's fan but their current SB ring is sick. So, basically it appears that it is the largest Championship ring made?