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  1. Stunning. This is such an improvement over their current set. The problem wasn't the colour scheme or the minimalist aesthetic, it was having nothing but a basic roundel logo containing a basketball with a B on it. Great work.
  2. I'd eliminate the white from the Yotes set and replace it with sand. With the red, teal, and sand you have enough going on, the white adds nothing but clutter. And I prefer the original striping pattern! Loving the Nashville update, and the Carolina jerseys look great! The logo isn't exactly great, but that's the team's fault more than yours. Love the hem striping.
  3. You have come back with a vengeance! The adidas jerseys are good to incredible. SJ is fantastic, I'd even say perfect with a slightly darker teal. Pit & STL awesome. Love the Florida recolour. The ANA home is perfect, but the striping on the away feels off. The dark purple stand out way too much. Toronto's cuffs need to match Minnesota is good, but I'd go with three colours only. Get rid of wheat completely, or have no white and go full hog on the wheat train. This is the best senators concept I've ever seen, but I would like an outline on the numbers.
  4. Great look for the lightning. I've never been a huge fan of this logo but it works here, and the colours you use are awesome.
  5. I like it as a throwback. May even be better than our regulars, gosh we need good new ones though
  6. I think the black blurs the line between Lions and Panthers. I'd switch it for grey
  7. NYG: Love the use of grey. Great modern look WAS: I really don't think embracing the racism is the way to go. Adding the R seems like its doubling down on the old identity. PHI: These are stunning. Oregon ripoffs or not, these belong on the field. Love the black/midnight green combo. DAL: These are pretty rough. The two blues are unnecessary and clash horribly. MIA: A+ BUF: Great helmet idea, but I'd add an outline. Otherwise a solid look NE: These are just gaudy. Needs to be toned down a lot, although I like the white helmet and the red alt. NYJ: Current logo is ugly, but this one isn't a huge improvement. The script logo on the shoulders is a bold choice, but looks very arena leagueish. That said, the two greens look awesome. CIN: Solid look. I'd make the shoulder stripes more like stripes than claw marks. PIT: The update really saved this concept. The grey did not work at all, but I like the black, steel template, and diamond logos. CLE: TV numbers are cramped against the monster stripe. BAL: Pretty non offensive update, no complaints here GB: No reason to change the font. Cool throwback though MIN: The MV logo on the collar loogs great, the GFGS does not.
  8. For the Jags and Panthers, I'd switch the direction of the claw marks. You have them going back to front, I think front to back would look better, it evokes speed and direction instead of "oh that guy got attacked by a cat". Numbers, pants should be gold or teal for the Jags, they have awesome colours, no need to limit them
  9. Minnesota's Away jersey should be cream, not white, and the Alternate could be red, but I'm fine with the green too. Everything else is perfect to me.
  10. SOO: Better outline on the numbers, and I think a thicker chest stripe would allow for a larger dog and more balanced look WIN: Take my money SAR: Mismatching socks always bother me. And I prefer the third logo to the home and away, its much cleaner.
  11. Again, the silver was not the problem. There's no need for two blues. Burgundy, Navy, White. Nothing else needed.
  12. See, this is slightly better, but it doesn't address the root problem of having 5 different colours on a jersey when 3 or 4 would do.
  13. I say go for it. Toss out the A, go with the alternate logo as the new primary for Colorado. Losing black helps the colour scheme so much, and the navy and burgundy work well together for two dark colours. I'd also keep the current alternate font, the one without the outline. Its distinct as well as classy. For the white jersey, I'd either do a navy yoke (and white shoulders) or a ghost yoke (and keep the navy shoulders) for consistency's sake.
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