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  1. As a Oregon State fan I would love for us to adopt that uniform but with orange instead of red. Basically would be like our throwbacks from a couple years ago
  2. It's one of the better alternates in college football I think. Once a year kind of uniform.
  3. ACC: SEC: Big Ten: bif Big 12: Pac-12: Independent:
  4. Slight changes to Oregon State's white and orange uniforms: New white Old white New orange Old orange While I like the removal of the gold outline in the numbers on both jerseys, I feel like these are a downgrade especially the orange ones. The black jersey is the same as last year but no news yet on the grays.
  5. OSU made the same mistake with their new uniforms that they did with their old ones. None of the stripes match well enough together to do different combinations. The black jersey and pants should only have a single orange stripe to match the helmet and match the away uniforms B/O/B striping.
  6. What happens with Petco Park? Obviously they wont replace the blue seats those are probably fine the way they are, but there's a lot of blue everywhere else in the stadium. Do you keep the outfield wall and batters eye blue or change to brown? Would be kind of weird to switch to brown and yellow but your stadium still be full of blue. I always liked the blue and sand color scheme because it matched the park so well.
  7. I wish the Sacramento rivercats were still the A's affiliate and the Fresno grizzlies were still the giants affiliate. Giants really left Fresno out to dry by becoming their rivals parent club. Fresno now not being a Californian teams affiliate is a shame.
  8. My dream scenario is the A's would be allowed to move to San Jose, Portland gets an expansion team, and two other cities (Montreal, Nashville, Charlotte, San Antonio) get an expansion and relocated rays.
  9. There is one city that is truly a "Raiders town" and its not Oakland, LA, or Vegas. Its Fresno, that area bleeds the sliver and black. Davis should of moved the team there, halfway between Oakland and la and can still hold on to a lot of the previous fans
  10. Here's every MLB team color I would change: Royals - More Gold Indians - With them getting rid of the Indian logo, I'd probably change the name and color scheme at this point but idk what to Braves - Just darken the shade of blue like their alternates Phillies - Maroon and White, no Powder Blue Padres - Brown and Yellow, no Orange Rays - Go back to Dark Green and devil ray mascot, but keep the name Rays Marlins - Dolphins color scheme, or at least make the Dolphins Orange the main color Brewers - Darken the Gold, like the Saints color rush jerseys Reds - No more Black Diamondbacks - Back to Purple and Green If Montreal gets the Expos back they'll be Red and Blue. If Portland gets a team I hope they go with Green and dark gold, like the Timbers.
  11. It should be the San Francisco Warriors. The whole bay are has no problem supporting either the SAN FRANCISCO Giants or OAKLAND A's and either the SAN FRANCISCO 49ers or OAKLAND Raiders, not living in those cities doesn't alienate the rest of the bay area from choosing one. The niners play in Santa Clara and no ones complaining they aren't the Santa Clara 49ers. Also the whole bay area supports the SAN JOSE Sharks as their hockey team even though their name doesn't represent the bay area. Golden State doesn't even represent the bay area And lets be real if the warriors changed to San Francisco they wouldn't lose fans, they are in one of the most successful runs in NBA history and are the most popular team in the NBA with tons of bandwagon fans they'd be fine.
  12. plobrien

    The New XFL

    Make Fresno a team. Has a large population (522,000) and is a college town. Bulldog Stadium has a capacity at 43,000 and soon to be renovated (hopefully).