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  1. As someone who follows the Rivs, I'm excited to see the full return to the RWB color scheme. Rosie still looked best on the '16-'17 jerseys with the red base, but I love their road sweater, and will be trying to pick up a gamer.
  2. I agree. I'll give a fair amount of leeway to a team that went big and whiffed. The result isn't better, but I respect taking the chance. Teams that played it safe are fine, so long as they nailed it. Those who took zero chances and didn't execute flawlessly just come off looking bad. More so since these jerseys can be gone in a year; this is precisely the time to try something bold and/or crazy.
  3. I do want to take a quick moment to defend the reluctance of some Isles fans to associate with Fishsticks, in the interest of fairness. A close friend who has been a lifelong Islanders fan relayed this to me, a couple years back. While it's not the end-all-be-all of what's important in the sports world, Espn's 30 for 30 series has currently only done 3 episodes on hockey, of their just over 100. That small of a number aside, 2 of those cover Gretzky's trade from the Oilers to the Kings, and the Miracle on Ice. So far so good, right? You know what the other one was? An in-depth look at the Spano fiasco. That means that ESPN deemed it one of the top three most documentary-worthy stories in hockey's history. Heck, let's expand it to the shorts, too. We also get the rise and fall of John Wensink, who notoriously challenged the entire North Stars bench to a fight once only to take his own life shortly after his career ended, and Clint Malarchuk having his carotid slit, easily one of the scariest moments in sports. With that kind of focus on something your team has been the ongoing butt of, I am willing to take a step back from the jokes and show a little understanding to those in the fanbase who have a near PTSD response to Fishsticks.
  4. Those are some awfully strong feelings for a small silver number outline as a fun little way to celebrate the silver anniversary. Especially from someone who was just advocating for Fishsticks because "The Fisherman is fun."
  5. Dating a 'Yotes fan. As an observer of the fanbase, it feels more like a "See, we somehow beat the odds and survived!" That said, it's striping on the numbers of an already in-use uniform, it's not like they're going full Flyers. If they don't get some stuff worked out soon, there won't be a golden anniversary. There's a good chance Houston is going to come a'knocking, at some point, and whichever team is in the most dire straits at that point is going to be the prime relocation candidate, especially if they already happen to be in the central division.
  6. All valid points, but I still prefer Screagle, for whatever reason. Logically, I realize I should prefer Weagle, I just don't. Which is strange because I prefer the GoGo's music note logo over their primary, for similar notions.
  7. Okay, that actually explains a lot. I wasn't aware he was pulling double duty. Thanks!
  8. I keep seeing Lou brought into the reasoning, but he's GM. Unless I need to go relearn hockey, GM has very little to do with any decision-making that isn't directly related to getting the right pieces in place to win the Cup. They're pretty much limited to contracts, call-ups, trades, and usually high-level coaching moves. Things like uniform changes would be handled by the business/operations side of the house, once you get below the ownership/team president level. So serious question, am I missing something here? Or are the people bringing Lamoriello into it mistaken?
  9. Yeah, I'm not hopeful that they even went so far as giving navy helmets serious consideration. The approach for the last few years has essentially felt like "Crank the gold to 11, nuance be damned!"
  10. Sure, but acting like the league can tell the teams what to wear is just plain wrong. Bare minimums, the team Presidents have veto power. More realistically, they had at least some input on choosing from a lineup of mock-ups on a final direction.
  11. Not that anyone here is likely to really care, but here's my write-up of all 31: Anaheim: Not perfect, but a solid addition to the line up by taking a chance on a publicly maligned look that is beloved by a fair number of fans. Arizona: There was only one logical option for the Coyotes to try, and it was this one. I’m not a fan of the original, but if you liked that, you should love this. Not my cup of tea (even though I love the kachinas), but it looks great for what it is. Boston: Without going full Pooh Bear, there was no way to get out of rehashing looks we’ve seen tweaked over and over through the years. The white cuffs are more true to the template, but black would have elevated the look more. Still, there hasn’t been a yellow sweater with black since the O6 days, so this was a good move for the Bruins. Buffalo: This isn’t in my top tier, but Buffalo fans should be ecstatic with it. I’ll never understand their ’96 to ’10 identity crisis, but this alt should take some of the sting out of moves that arguably never should have happened. Calgary: I never liked this logo, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. It’s good for what it is, and they get points for dipping into the only real variation on an otherwise pretty steady look, but I still don’t care for it. Carolina: This is a good look. It’s going to sell better than a jersey based on their stint in Raleigh ever would. I would have preferred a red heavy take on the single square flag, but I don’t really have any problems with more of what is probably the best logo the league has ever had. Chicago: With all of the times they’ve dipped into their limited retro options for Winter Classics, this one just doesn’t feel special. That said, it’s a solid look the fans should feel good about. Colorado: I’m surprised to see so much restraint in a Colorado jersey, but this look is great. I don’t expect many with Quebec nostalgia will pass this one up. Columbus: This one isn’t bad, IMO. It just doesn’t feel right on the Blue Jackets. I would have preferred to see stinger on the shoulders. I think this one gets forgotten after RR is over. Dallas: I get what they were going for, but this look gave us the template without any of the heart. They get better marks than the Wings for at least trying something and missing the mark, but it's easily in my bottom two. Detroit: Easily the worst for me. Granted they have only had one look since inception, but this is just bad. They didn’t even swing and miss either. They would have been better off playing around with the pre-Wings identities, even though that keg has been well-tapped for outdoor games. Edmonton: Nothing bad here, but nothing exciting either. They should have tried this look in orange or gone bold with the 2001 alt. Florida: This doesn’t hit home with me, but I’ll admit it is a great offering that the fanbase should be happy with. Las Vegas: Having them be the only team sitting out would have been weird, and I’m okay with the direction they took. A solid offering. Los Angeles: This jersey is one of the best here. I understand that given when they won their cups, the Kings are probably going to remain in silver and black. That said, they need to embrace these classic colors as a full-time alternate. A great jersey that’s going to attract sales from within and without of their fanbase. It’d be perfect with a tweak to the numbers. Minnesota: The stars fully own the North Stars stuff, so a recolor of the bear head was the closest we were going to see to a jersey from their stint. Still, this is a good look that I think the fanbase is going to buy like hotcakes. Montreal: Look, this recolor may be a cliché of every person’s first crack at concepts on this board, but it is so for a reason. It’s a great look from a team without may options. A sweater I think would be a worthy full-time alt. Nashville: I worry I’m being a homer, but I actually like this one. The Preds are a team that I don’t think has ever had a great home set. Given what they were working with, it’s solid and better than their current primaries. With a few tweaks, I’d be happy seeing this as a full-time look (their current homes are awful). New Jersey: Bravo, gorgeous. I want one. That is all. NY Islanders: This is probably the most boring of the bunch for me. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that it played it safe, to a fault. Whiffing on Fishsticks would have landed better, for me. NY Rangers: While I love seeing the Liberty Head come back, I would have liked to see them not play it so safe. Nothing wrong with the look. It’s a great look, they just lose points for unoriginality with me. It's not even really a reverse retro, just tweaking the arms on the original. It would have been better to try their hand at a red base. I still kinda want one, though. The logo is that good. Ottawa: A really good take on the brief. I would rather have seen them try to be a little more adventurous, but this is still a solid sweater. Philadelphia: Look, I’m not going to pretend I see a huge difference in this from the other versions of their fairly steady look. When you get it right from the start, it’s going to leave you with limited options short of going Quakers. Nothing exciting, but certainly not bad. Pittsburgh: Solid. Not adventurous, but if you’re going to play it safe, this is a fantastic execution. San Jose: I’m not sure I really gave much thought to what the Sharks were going to do, but this still underwhelmed. Especially given how many knocked it out of the park. St. Louis: The jersey itself is great, it’s just so hard to not be distracted by a red-heavy blues jersey. I don’t think it lives on past the Reverse Retro (nor should it). Not because it looks bad, just because I think it doesn’t work well with the branding, and the original of this one is so perfect. Tampa Bay: This sweater is one of the best in the bunch, maybe the best. The script might be a little dated to make it a full-time look without using the modern crest, but if the team doesn’t immediately make this a full-time third, they hate aesthetics and money. Toronto: I’m incredibly underwhelmed by this. Granted, most O6 teams don’t have a plethora of options. It’s right on the line between lackluster and bad, for me. Vancouver: I would have liked to see them go with something else from their rather extensive list of options. For what it is, I think it’s solid, but probably won’t outlive the initiative. Washington: I think this look elevates the original. I’d like to see this become at least a full-time alternate. I wouldn’t mind seeing them base a full-time look on this. This is one of the three RR jerseys I’ll probably pick up. Winnipeg: Boring. I get what they were going for, but the look just feels uninspired.
  12. Right on. I think the operative word for the Jets would be underwhelming, or uninspired. They aren't bad, they're just ho-hum. I think they fall pretty far down the list, but that's in part because the overall initiative turned out pretty well.
  13. Hey, you like what you like, and every jersey has its fans, no matter how unpopular or maligned it is, in general. That said, you certainly seem to be in the minority, even amongst Wings fans. I think this one doesn't survive past RR, as it doesn't look like it's going to be a big seller, compared to a team like the Kings, Devils, Caps, or Bolts.
  14. I didn't really mind the white until I saw this. Black is clearly better, and I don't think it's even close.
  15. Honestly, you make a few tweaks to the RR, and it'd be a good primary. Heck, just taking the current as-is would be a step up from the current look.