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  1. My team is out. Drought protocol in effect, so I'm going all-in and pulling for a St. Louis and Columbus/New York final, with the Blues taking the Cup.
  2. I disagree, I'm not really surprised to see this. From a distance this looked like a good season for them. From someone who has been watching closely, they were playing stuck in third gear all season. The fact that they managed first in the central wasn't reflective of how they were playing, which felt fairly middling, and made it more frustrating. This is arguably the best lineup the Preds have ever had, but they looked tired, and like they were phoning it in. I thought (largely hoped) they'd get through Dallas, but I had them losing to the Blues. Good job Stars, but I'll be shocked if the Blues don't advance.
  3. I'd prefer: -3 points for a regulation win -2 points for an OT/SO win -1 point for an OT/SO loss -0 points for a regulation loss This will mean that every game has the same effect on standings, no free points for anyone. Keep the same playoff qualification rules, but seed the bracket 1-8. But they won't. Why? The current points system artificially keeps more teams in contention for the playoffs longer. That is proven to translate to higher attendance and viewing numbers, overall. The league also loves to shove these divisional rivalries down our throats. I haven't seen any data that shows if it's beneficial or not.
  4. Good to see last year's Cup win hasn't messed with your panic button, bud!
  5. Fun Fact: Columbus (never, est. 2000) and the Isles ('93) are two of the three teams with the longest drought since a Conference Finals appearance. The other? Florida ('96). Every other team has made it since the turn of the century (2002 on up).
  6. Speaking as a Preds fan, it does have its advantages.
  7. Come on, are you that devoid of joy? This franchise has experienced nothing but suffering and first round bounces (some painful and embarrassing) for just shy of two decades. They showed up, and earned this. This is a huge win for their fans, even if they get bounced by BOS/TOR. Let them have the moment!
  8. Wow, they did it. Congrats to all the Blue Jackets fans on here. I've long joked that I'd stop calling them the Beej when they got past the first round. This is that day, and (insignificant as it is), they've earned it!
  9. To be fair, the Stars controlled the pace of their game, for the most part. Rinne was just in beast mode, and Bishop wasn't playing his best. It was another case of the Predators winning, even though they were objectively outplayed. Pretty much the story of this whole season, for them.
  10. They may not be able to get it "good as new," but definitely still salvageable, IMO.
  11. If you had told me two weeks ago that the Pens and Bolts would be the first to face elimination, I probably would have laughed it you. I have nothing against the Bolts, but I'm pulling for Columbus, even if they get decimated in the next round. It'd be a new experience for them, and I think those fans could use it. I still hold that they need to just close out the sweep. If Tampa gets the chance to crack whatever is going on with them, there's too real a possibility of them reverse-sweeping. Come on, Blue Jackets, don't pull a Columbus!
  12. I completely disagree. The NHL gets to sell the markets, regardless of viewership in them, as part of their TV deal. Atlanta (a larger market) wouldn't have moved if it hadn't had more complicated factors, and the league wasn't already neck-deep in keeping Phoenix (smaller than ATL) afloat. With it being a larger market than PHX, I think Houston is the only way the Coyotes actually move, for the foreseeable future.
  13. I could easily be wrong, but I only see the Columbus-Tampa series ending in a sweep or reverse sweep. I worry that finding their game to win one cracks the code for the Bolts in a way the Beej just can't stop. I'm pulling for Columbus and don't even care about how disastrous it'll be for my bracket.