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  1. Thanks for all of the feedback, everyone. I'm definitely applying some of the suggestions. Still working on it but here's the latest: The beveling is the biggest struggle right now. I took the suggestion from @jaha32 to apply the bevel with more accurate light/shadow representation and add the shadow to the right horn, but it just looked weird. Despite being more accurate with how light would look in the beveled shape, I just wasn't happy with the look. I did push the horns up slightly, to create separation between the horns and the top of the "N". Think this does help with the previous crowding in that area that @officeglenn mentioned. Happy Draft Day everyone!
  2. The numbers do help. I've been toying with the idea of a shoulder patch, too. Think it adds some interesting texture to the design. And since I've been looking at this as an update and not a redesign, trying to keep some heritage in mind, the opportunity to add some visible retro devils green is fun.
  3. I really like it. The whole system is pretty cool.
  4. Yeah, I've been struggling with that part of it. I had wanted to avoid adding more vertical size to the logo, so I kept the horns low. But it might be an ok trade-off to push them up higher and open up that negative space more.
  5. I've wanted to do an update to the NJ Devils logo, I think the general symbol is solid but it could use a modernization from the current 1980s design. Really it wouldn't take much to give the existing design some new life. I'm also throwing in a jersey concept, another update to the current design that just adds some modern touches. Removed the thick sleeve triple-stripes and went with angled thin stripes and black cuffs.
  6. Generally I'd agree, but for a legacy celebration like this one it kind of makes sense. It's weird to talk about 150 years of history and then pair that with a super-modern design. Traditional white is a safe way to go with this.
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