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  1. U fail to see wats :censored:in rasists its black over white over black u :censored:in dumbass
  2. Hey the ravens vs steelers the ravens uniform combo was so rasicts it was black over white over black
  3. I feel like that orange is waaaay too bright. I don't like the brown pants, either. All the browns combos suck they need to go back to the old unis nike, NFL, and the Browns made a bad design with these uniforms andThe uniform combos they have been doing the best combo i think is brown orang brown and white brown white and whem they wear orange just no they need to get ride of those uniforms because there are no good combos
  4. Lol he finally put the chiefs white white red Watch them go white red white
  5. So wat u r saying is, is that the titans will prob wear there light blue unis to if the texans go white over deep steel blue
  6. Miami's Throwbacks arent beig worn until December.Week 15 I believe Week 14 I know
  7. Love the bengalsthrowbacks the should have orange pants with black tiger on it
  8. Wat about vikings and Oakland and the redskins and all the other teams on at 1pm