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  1. Strong rumours of this. They are giving out LIGHT blue scarves to all spectators too.
  2. The 1990s Washington wore that combo at home every week and would only ever wear their Burgundy jersey @ Dallas, Miami etc
  3. Titans are wearing white again Do you have a source, or just a hunch they are wearing white? OTOH: with Ryan now as their head coach, I don't see the Bills wearing blue pants hardly at all. The Jets hardly ever wore green pants during the final few seasons under the Ryan regime, and I do think that will be case for Buffalo as well, hopefully I am wrong, the blue pants with the white jersey looks better!! Jim Wyatt:
  4. I have a ticket to the game and it has Tannehill in an aqua jersey on it - maybe that helps? Last time they were in London, they did just that. They actually wore white with aqua pants against the Raiders in London last year. I remember that game because I was excited to see my team play in London, and then the Dolphins destroyed them in a really bad game. Horrible. I totally forgot that game. I was thinking about the London game against the Giants The Giants game in 2007 was an evening game here, and this one won't be - but obviously London is much cooler than Miami.