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  1. I think that the biggest issue will come from the black pants, but I do see your point. White pants with black stripes underneath a jersey and helmet that are both orange with black stripes should still look solid. Using that same top with black pants and orange stripes might look off. The other good option would be to have a set of white pants with orange stripes to use with the black jerseys, similar to Denver. Personally, I would rather see the Bengals go orange over white at home and white over orange on the road. Save the black tops for alternates and keep the black pants to blackouts and sparingly paired with the orange tops.
  2. Sorry on the delay, but my bet will be primary orange pants for all three tops, with the white pants being used for the white and orange tops. Black pants for the orange and black tops as well.
  3. I'm willing to bet that with how popular the all-white color rush look was, the new white jerseys will be a flat reverse of the orange tops, with black stripes and orange numbers.
  4. Absolutely solid work! Makes the Knights look top class, and a great fix to the Gold tops!
  5. As for the Rams, what about making the White pants have a Blue/Gold/Blue stripe instead of the Road Alt, single Blue? I think that the lack of gold on the home white pants is a problem.
  6. I agree that Seattle looks amazing except for the lack of the wraparound logo. But I do like your idea of keeping the stripe pattern, what if you add the pattern to the logo itself, instead of the Blue over Gray?
  7. Blue sleeve trim instead of gold, and gold horns on the helmet to match the blue and white jerseys might make it a cleaner look, but great job regardless!
  8. Miami looks amazing and the update to the Bolts is perfect!
  9. For your concepts, I say you could go ahead and move the logo to the front. It won't be too long before it happens anyways. As for a different shoulder cap, I like the bottom left and top middle.
  10. Not sure about the Volt-esque color for the Chargers, but I see what you are going for and it's not terrible. Designwise I love how they look, but maybe go to a white facemask instead of blue, it seems a bit too much.
  11. For the intent of this in a vaccum, I think you're close to ideal. Flip the color of the numbers on the road White and show off the Home Orange over White pants and I think you have a winner. I'd almost say to use a lighter shade of Orange, like Tennessee Orange, to pop better against the Pewter.
  12. I think that rather than losing the stripe consistency that you're going for, perhaps outlining the script on the True Blue and Good as Gold jerseys in the jersey color might help to separate from the placket trim.
  13. Correct, but since the home set isn't, I think that using the helmet shade with a dark royal would be the best compromise to create a unified look while still distinct from the rest of the league.
  14. Perhaps a better mix of the color schemes might help. Keep the unique silver-blue of the helmets and use a darker shade of royal, throwing back to the second color scheme when they added silver. I love the shade of the helmet and, to an extent, home pants, but hate that everything changes in the road set to navy and silver.