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  1. Love the idea, but if you are using Cream City as the alt, maybe make the home set White to really keep them seperate?
  2. That was part of the original agreement, IIRC, so long as Seattle either got a franchise or at least a new arena by a certain time. I believe that has expired on time limit, but yeah, the Sonics history should stay up in Seattle. But on topic to LA, I would love a yellow home jersey, but I'm worried about this gradient talk from the logo.
  3. As an Oklahoman with family working in the Thunder organization..... We weren't really thrilled with how it happened either. It always felt like Bennett was going to take the franchise from Seattle no-matter-what, and most Okies never felt that was right. Obviously, we love that we have the Thunder, but just about nobody here considers anything in Sonics history to be Thunder history, no matter what they say on TV. Westbrook or Harden are the two players considered the First Draft Picks in franchise history, not anyone from Seattle. Speaking for myself, I desperately want the Sonics back, because that will be one hell of a rivalry, and also to push OKC into the SW division with the Texas teams and New Orleans. Just add a second team in the West and send Memphis to the Eastern Conference.
  4. I like it, but I would consider the White over Gray as the primary Away look. Blue pants should always be the second option in the regular season, but I think it would be better as their postseason Away look.
  5. Felt a bit creative tonight and mocked up a concept for the Carolina Panthers. The White pants are the primary for the Home Black and Alt Blue uniforms, with Black as the alternate. Black pants are the primary for the Away uniform, with all-White as an option. I imagine that the Blue uniforms would be the default Home look in the early season unless playing at night. The Anthracite CR uniform is meant to be the 'Panther Pride' look. Template by Oldschoolvikings, hopefully you are okay with my using it, if not, please let me know!
  6. Sorry, I didn't get my points as coherent as intended. I meant that the previous uniform, using this shade of green and this helmet with a white mask is my perfect look for the Jets.
  7. I loved the classic look of the previous set, but it needed to be this shade of green. I also love the helmet, it just needs a white facemask instead of black.
  8. I agree, maybe change it to black instead of white? It would at least somewhat avoid the comparison.
  9. I'd flip the orange and white on the red pants stripe to match the numbers on the home jersey, first of all. Any change to the color rush might be to drop the white and aim for orange/pewter/red numbers and stripes.
  10. I love the home and roads going back to the Super Bowl style, even if I hated that they won it. The Color Rush Pewters..... I think they missed a chance to hearken back to the Creamsicles. Imagine, if you will, Orange numbers, Pewter stroke, Red trim, with a similar pant stripe. No white at all except in the logo.
  11. Perfection, and I'm nowhere near a Panthers fan!
  12. I like it, but one thing to consider, maybe, is adjusting the whiskers on the right side of the logo to extend further onto the face to match the left side.
  13. On the Patriots helmet, when it's alone, I like the look of a navy or silver mask. However, when you see the entire uniform together, the red seems to tie the entire look.
  14. What about maybe keeping the outer stripes straight, and using the inner line as your wave?