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  1. Personally, I'd switch the socks and shorts, but great look!
  2. Despite the fact that Jostens is just reusing the same template for EVERY pro ring lately..... Can we acknowledge that MLS has some of the best and most consistently good rings?
  3. I like your idea for the Skins, but maybe remove the black outlining on the feather? Just seems a bit out of place with the rest of the look to me.
  4. I love the base design of the ring, but the bear logo is too small, and the face should always say what you won, not who you are. Otherwise, it's a good looking ring
  5. I wonder what a purple trim on the name and numbers on the white uniform would look like? I think it'd pop a bit more
  6. Beautiful! Maybe.... maybe.... add a pair of black pants for a home night game? Otherwise, it's what the Raiders should always look like. Love the new fonts too.
  7. As a Spurs fan AND as a basketball coach.... I love the white and black unis, those scream the Spurs. The silver set? Burn it with fire. Contrasting top and shorts feels too much like practice gear to me. That's not a knock on your execution, just the concept behind it. Maybe aim for using the Fiesta colors with the main template instead? Also, maybe make the white uniform silver instead, not every team needs a white uniform after all.
  8. Texans look great, only tweak I see for the logo is to remove the spurs on the outside of the H. Just have the crossbar inside the H to form the eyes and it will read more like a steer head. Uniforms look amazing, one of your best overall concepts!
  9. I agree that light blue socks for the Titans home uniform would be amazing, that's the only real change I'd make on it. The Saints update..... looks great, but doesnt look like New Orleans.
  10. Something about the striping on the white pants is just wrong..... I'm not sure exactly what, but something feels wrong.
  11. Only issue I see is the white pants as primary over gold at home, but otherwise its nearly the same way that I see the Saints.
  12. I like it, I wish you'd have kept the shape of the current shield, but otherwise, I love the changes.
  13. Love it! Any thought to a yellow alternate? I think it could be a good look against teams that go white at home.
  14. Two part review here. First off, the execution is great as well as the color scheme. I might suggest swapping Marauders for Maine in the logo, but that's just my opinion. Secondly, what makes Maine a good location for an MLS team, and why should that franchise be the Marauders? Would love to hear your pitch for the concept as well. Colors are definitely what I imagine when I think of Maine, so no real need to explain them. Great work!
  15. What do you think about switching up the home striping to be White/Blue/White/Orange/White/Blue/White instead? This keeps the striping consistent from the road set like you were hoping for. Not sure how well it will look, but just a thought. Otherwise, more great work!