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  1. #RIPBiggie https://t.co/IbvvOOEtaC

  2. https://t.co/cs6J2Q3Ppk

  3. My exes: "I'm with someone better than you." Me: "I'm glad to see that you found God."

  4. Bitch better have my money. Pay me what you owe me.

  5. I'm just saying... https://t.co/JaXeKUgbNt

  6. RT @TayWest: this will never not be funny https://t.co/wjtptswZhF

  7. If I ain't the freshest in the room, then swear that I'm a candidate...

  8. Why Dolph Ziggler hair braided up like a 10 year old black girl? @HeelZiggler #WWEFastlane

  9. I'm supporting Pacquio on this one.

  10. To the cousin that stole Kanye's laptop and leaked the original "Wolves"... #YouTheRealMVP

  11. I just refer to Braun Strowman as "that big mother:censored:er".

  12. "Life of Pablo" is definitely the companion piece to "Yeezus". Some of the same audio tricks, but opposite subject matter.

  13. These niggas put on NeYo and Pitbull, it's like you're begging me to change the channel.

  14. @kanyewest MBDTF is my favorite album of all time. I hope TLoP can match it.

  15. I mean damn, a nigga can't even preorder the :censored:! ????