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  1. These are really cool to check out. And so far, I like everything you've done! Big ups to you! One thing I like is that you do your research too. Anyone who does that makes better concepts overall because they end up having a better understanding how to make their designs make better sense.
  2. These are dope! Nice template you made here. I don't think I have a favorite because I like all of them really. Good work!
  3. Yeah the reason for the larger sizes in the patches is to show them off. If I were to make them more "authentic" looking and smaller, it would be harder to make out what the patch is paying homage to, you know? I agree with you as far as making the patches for bigger events (which will be done), but I also just want to have fun with the project and create little milestone patches every once in a while. The project would get stale if I don't keep it moving along in some kind of way. But with this being the first batch of special edition fitteds, I just wanted to show off what was to come in the future for those who may be interested in following the project. I think you may be right my man. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll get it right the next time around.
  4. I was referring to the season they won it in. Thanks for looking out though!
  5. Nah my man, I won't be doing a hat for the MotoGP championship. Speaking of it though, it's really tight between Rossi and Lorenzo!
  6. Hey guys! So for those of you who caught the debut of the Ordinarie O© NHL fitted project, this is an extensions of that very project. Through out the season, I'll be creating special edition fitted caps for teams and players as they hit certain milestones within the season. Now I'll be honest... I won't be able to keep up with every single team and each of their players, but I'll highlight what I can catch wind of to create these fitteds in a timely manner. Well anyways, here's the first batch of Special Edition Aesthetic O'Caps making their debut: 1. Philadelphia Flyers / Michal Neuvirth for his back to back shutouts against the Panthers & Blackhawks to equal 61 saves total. 2. Minnesota Wild / Zach Parise for his hat trick against the Colorado Avalanche. 3. Tampa Bay Lightning / Steven Stamkos for hitting his 500th career point. 4. Chicago Blackhawks / The hawks for their 2014/2015 season Championship. Be sure to catch all of the Special Edition Aesthetic O'Caps and more custom fitteds on Tumblr & Instagram. And just so y'all know, not everything will be posted here in the forums. I'll only be posting in the forums every once in a while to showcase some new fitteds and to keep promoting the project. So make sure you follow those two social platforms if you have them. Enjoy guys!
  7. Thanks for the Love! You know what though... when I first started this project some months back, I was attempting to create minimalistic logos for the NHL, NFL, NBA, WWE, and MotoGP. Well with hockey being my favorite sport next to MotoGP, I ended up creating all the NHL teams first. Then I slowly started to create logos for the other leagues. But the way I was going about debuting and showing off new teams and individuals (home/traditional colors first), I was never going to be able to start to do the custom colorways I planned on doing if I were to do each and every single sport and team within those leagues. So, I decided that since I already had the NHL logos done, I might as well just focus solely on those so that I can progress and move the project along, you know? But once again, I appreciate the love and glad you like what you see in the hats. You and everyone else's feedback means alot!
  8. I'm liking these! I like what you did with the Huskies. Its simple and clean.
  9. Hey TampaBayRays1fan, the template is exclusive to the project. Sorry that I won't be sharing it as the project is still on-going. will it be coming out after? I'm not too sure. To be honest I may keep the template exclusive to the project... kinda what makes it special, you know?!
  10. Hey TampaBayRays1fan, the template is exclusive to the project. Sorry that I won't be sharing it as the project is still on-going.
  11. These are all great! Good work with these. And I like the way you implimented the sponsors on the jerseys. They're visible, yet subtle enough to not be distracting to the teams uniforms. Keep em' coming. Can't wait to see all of them finished.
  12. These are pretty dope! I think B2 is my favorite here.
  13. Thanks for all the love guys! I really appreciate it. Hopefully you guys like what you see overall, and also I hope you guys with specific teams you like enjoy the "look" of your team(s) with my take on their actual logos with a minimalistic flare. I wanted each team to be represented well and in a clever fashion. And with the feedback I've gotten so far from you guys, I think I achieved just that. So whats next? More! As the season goes on, I'll debut more custom, non traditional colorways as you may see on sites such as ECap City and Hat Club. I think those will be fun to do. Also, I'll be doing custom/fantasy side patches for certain teams as players reach certain milestones or achievements during the season. I won't be able to keep up with every team and their players, but I'll try and keep it pretty even as far as teams getting special edition looks. I've seen a few of you ask about AHL teams... I may get around to doing those someday. Maybe I'll debut one every once in a while to switch it up and take a break from the NHL, you know. Well that's it for now. I'll see you guys around the forum and talk to y'all later! And make sure you follow OrdinarieO© on Tumblr & Instagram if you have those social platforms to stay up to date on the fitteds that debut! - TheArtfulJB
  14. The last & final round, round 3 of the OrdinarieO© fitted caps debut: OrdinarieO© on Tumblr / Instagram
  15. Round 2 of the OrdinarieO© fitted caps debut: OrdinarieO© on Tumblr / Instagram