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  1. My favorite time of year on the board. Can’t wait to see all the great stuff. Good luck everyone.
  2. I got to say, I love it. Really like how you broke from all the single color stuff from others. The white helmet is a great look. If I had only one gripe it would be that the green is bordering on fluorescent (too light). Well done.
  3. These look great. My only criticism would be the blue on the names. It gets washed out in all that white of the crown. Maybe change it to the jersey color?
  4. This concept is fantastic! The jersey with the lines is great. It screams,"Love me sexy". Well done.
  5. KentuckyX

    Dragons Logo

    I love the one on the right. Subtle D background, the thin outline of the dragon head is just enough to let it stand out. I think it would work great as a baseball logo even though I know you are going for football.