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  1. My favorite time of year on the board. Can’t wait to see all the great stuff. Good luck everyone.
  2. I got to say, I love it. Really like how you broke from all the single color stuff from others. The white helmet is a great look. If I had only one gripe it would be that the green is bordering on fluorescent (too light). Well done.
  3. Lots of good stuff going up today. Really digging the blue color scheme. This would make a very nice hockey sweater.
  4. Normally I'm not a fan of blue on blue but I like it here. The gradient shoulders and helmet are a nice touch.
  5. Really great stuff. Like it was mentioned in an earlier post, the helmet logo gets lost on the Maulers. Too much purple on purple. I do like the orange purple combination has a nice Frankfurt Galaxy (WLAF) feel to it. The generals update is a nice improvement. Just a quick question, why didn't you use the 5 star logo on the shoulders like it would be on an actual military uniform? No big deal just curios.
  6. Maybe use Gen. Patton as as your inspiration and go with his crazy color concept for his tank unit's uniforms for your uniforms? Just throwing it out there.
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