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  1. I might have something to contribute to this thread. I paid Connor Brandt to design a Mariners logo for me which you can view on his website here Here is the logo in question: However, I recently stumbled across a very similar piece of work by a Brady Petterson on this website here An the image in question: He also tagged Sports Logos in a tweet with the logo here Now I'm annoyed for two reasons. Because he either "borrowed" the logo from Connor;s page without asking for either my or Connor's permission, or he got permission from Connor and not from me.
  2. From memory Dusseldorf's Coat of Arms is red and blue. Maybe adding a touch of red on to the logo? Doesn't really pop at the moment.
  3. I added the seams but I'm not sure if it really works. It cheapens the logo in my opinion. I had to remove the year established so I could fit the seams in as they couldn't be vertical or they'd be lost behind the cannons.
  4. Hi all. I paid dgnmrwrw (Tyler) to do a logo for a fictional baseball team called the Embleton Gunners: I recently saw he did a secondary logo for the Columbus Blue Jackets using the same cannons: Which I absolutely love. I wanted to have a crack myself (as I'm not a logo designer by any means) at designing a new Gunners logo using a similar style. The font I used is from Conrad's font packs so credit goes to bth of these guys. C&C welcome.
  5. I disagree, I think it looks a lot like a soccer crest. The only thing that seems a bit off is the neck and the head of the eagle seems to be behind the W and the wings because of the white. Perhaps increase the black up higher on the neckline so just the head is white could improve it.
  6. Why do you bump for C&C all the time and then when people give you feedback you just ignore it and post the next thing? Everybody gave you feedback on your logo design and choise of name and you just ignored it and posted a picture of the mascot. Then when everyone questioned your choice of mascot you ignored it and posted a dreadful photo of an arena. I can't wait for your Ice Girls picture!
  7. I'm 50/50 on the Fleetwood design. I like the uniqueness of the design, but I think it comes across a little too busy. Also it looks a little bit like a subway map which I'm not sure is good.
  8. I think the claws/nails are far too long and should be "trimmed" (hehe). Also I think the pads for each finger (for want of a better word) should all be the same size. It looks too human at the moment. Definitely fix the claws though.
  9. I don't like how on jersey 2, the brown has a black outline at the top but not at the bottom or the sleeves.
  10. There's something about the thick blue line that winds down from his eye to the corner of his mouth that I don't like. I don't know whether it's too thick or if it should even be there in the first place. Definitely like where this heading though.