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  1. These have all looked great! I kind of wished u based the alternate of the Cardinals off of this little jersey from a movie we know.
  2. I love the modernizing of K-State, but you just triggered a PTSD flashback to the Ron Prince era with the purple pants, which is something K-State fans would like to forget.
  3. Ok, this series is cool. Uniforms flawless. But I do have to question Olathe over the Wichita area. We miss D-I football!!!
  4. RT @hannah_html: mark zuckerberg LOVES @coltscoffee !!! @CoachZKliewer https://t.co/dTlndqSU3t

  5. No, only half, yellow is their home jersey. Thank you though, it looks incredible.
  6. I would like to request the Nashville Predators -Rinne -Forsberg -Arvidsson -Johansen -Subban -Ellis -Josi -Ekholm -Sissons
  7. God! Why does this remind me of this?
  8. These are perfect!! If you need a little dose of creativity, u could just drop the rules and go for an Expos Canadiens mashup. Just givin' ya an idea bud!
  9. The purple helmet, albeit jarring... Looks damn good! No complaints! Good work!
  10. One thing, K-State only wore purple pants in the Ron prince era (which we do not like to talk about), so that may not tide over well. I'd also only use one of the alternates (probably the black one). But I like that you updated the font, and kept the classic striping.
  11. These look good, real nice job. I actually think that if Force India keeps the BWT around(which it sounds like they are), they are gonna be using pink for a long time, so I'm going to have to get used to it too, but I'm the weird guy that actually kind of likes it.
  12. I haven't seen a minor league one on here, so I may as well do it. With the Aces announce folding next year, that makes this the only time the stupid "Thor's hammer" Thunder face Alaska at home.
  13. You guys color rushed 3 times in a year, and still went 0-12!!!!
  14. This number font, I couldn't find it on black, but I found it here:
  15. Color me impressed, I like this, maybe try the basketball team's font? Just curious to see how it would work.
  16. Thes all look stunning!! I may regret this, but could u try Kansas State?
  17. Again, coming from a Nashville fan, I do not associate this guy with my team.
  18. How about a golf one? John Daly winning the PGA Championship?
  19. Ya like the gradients huh? There is going to be more of those. Lets get to traditional looks, shall we? League I Rialto FC Nickname: The Capitals Location: Rialto, Collak Founded: 1900 Last Promoted: 2000 Championships: 9 The Caps have won at least one championship each decade. Their crest is a simple R with 4 championship stars down the arc, and the gold one in the center, representing the other 5. The home is a simple yellow kit, while the away is brown with a yellow stripe. The team custom makes the jerseys, and sponsors themselves. C&C, well...
  20. I never thought of a Barcelona vibe for the Royals, but I see it. I'm glad you enjoy these! Sorry for the long wait guys, life is a thing, but I'm back with another. This time, we visit the third division. League III AC Eastwood Nickname: The Eastside Location: Eastwood, Teller Founded: 1983 Last Relegated: 2010 Championships: 1 This team had glory days. They were once in the Premiere League. But they never left the reputation of controversy. Even in their one championship win, there was controversy behind the goal they scored to win it. But now, they have just sunk. They are mid table League III at best, and will be for a while. Their crest is a simple logo, pointing east to their proximity to St. Mark(Eastwood is a suburb of St. Mark). But their kit design is radical, with a magenta gradient on the home, and a green arrow pattern on a grey kit, that is actually how most roundabouts in Cevelia look sign-wise. The kits are Under Armor made, with Eastwood Financial Solutions, a financial help company. C&C Needed
  21. Nobody? OK, moving to the next team. League I St. Mark AC Nickname: The Angels Location: St. Mark, Teller Founded: 1890 Last Promoted: 1993 Championships: 11 The St. Mark teams have had a boatload of struggles, and this is the more successful one. Although they won 9 championships in their early years, founding the first and second dynasties in the league, until 3 years ago, they hadn't won a League Cup since 1951!! That's a long time, then they reeled off back to back championships in 2013 and 2014 to break "God's 11th Plague" as known by fans. Now to the design, they have used a simple crest with the "S" having a halo(I have no sense of proportion, so forgive me for the letter error). The home kit is the classic white with a yellow sash, and before you ask, the shorts are always available to be interchangeable, so there are possibilities for an all white set here. The away is a blue shirt with yellow arms with a single white stripe separating the colors. The kits are supplied by Addidas, with the sponsorship being recently picked up by Culligan Water. C&C Needed, I can't grow as a designer without your guys' critique. And send in some sponsorship and team ideas. I would love them, as it also helps me in thinking.
  22. Well, hello to all of you board members out there. I hope that your day has been well. I have had a fictional country for about a year now, and it also came with a little inspiration from the Alton pyramid by the amazing @TheGiantsFan. So I welcome you to the country of Cevelia! This country is made up of two islands in the middle of the Atlantic. The main island is home to 18 states, and the smaller one has two states. Maps will come in a few posts. But let's get to the league! This league is probably the most stable in all of the world, being around for 89 YEARS!! I think that's a record. It survived through World War 2 because the real "pyramid" aspect didn't get going until the '50s, after the war, and the President at the time, David T. Kraatz, loved soccer so much, he actually declared all players exempt from the draft. But after that, the league slowly expanded, and with the last planned team added to the mix 4 years ago, the league is now at a grand total of 95 teams. Here is how the pyramid is divided. League I: Premiere 25 teams Promote 3 and Relegate 3 League II: Champions 30 teams Promote 6 and Relegate 6 League III: Professional 40 teams I'm not going to simulate the league, so I won't go into scheduling of matches. The league has a few rules when it comes to the uniforms, which is why we are here today. Here is a list: Each team must have a white, yellow, tan/cream, or light pink jersey for home games, and a dark jersey for the road. There is no standard font and colors for the numbers and NOB The team crest does not necessarily have to be on the uniform, unless the team custom makes their jerseys or sponsors themselves The jersey must contain the suppliers logo on the uniform, doesn't matter where Now that that's out of the way, and we have a template thanks to the amazing @TheGiantsFan, let's get this ball rolling. CFS Project, Initiate!!!!! First up: League I Royal Saint City Nickname: The Royals Location: City of Saints, Morgan Founded: 1886 Last Promoted: 1983 Championships: 15 This team, based in the most religious, and oldest, city in the state of Morgan, is the most prestigious team in the league. They are always competing for the championship, year after year, and always find a way to recruit the biggest names in soccer. The club goes for a traditional look, and it all starts with the crest, and its simple shield design makes it one of the most recognizable in Cevelian sports. The home kit is a simplistic white kit with red cuffs. The away kit is a traditional half and half red and blue with yellow accents, appropriate for the patriotic colors of the flag of Cevelia, red,blue, and yellow. The kit supplier is Nike, and the sponsor is Morgan Electric, the state electricity company. C&C Highly Encouraged, I do have 36 teams done, so if anyone would like to submit some sponsors, that would be highly appreciated.
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