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  1. I like everything about the Carolina Panthers redesign except for the logo. The new logo doesn't really scream panther to me, it just looks like a generic cat's eye.
  2. Probably Katrina. Byrd is way to prideful to admit he was wrong with allowing the relocation to New Orleans.
  3. @AntoDaBoss https://t.co/iMFP2maoLH pro-am [proh-am] adjective 1. including both professionals and amateurs. noun… https://t.co/n9HltaBXXd

  4. I'm ready for another Redshirts championship run and this time hopefully we wont get beat in the second round by the Mustangs again.
  5. This looks so much better than Miami's current set.
  6. Welp that happened. I guess I gotta pull for the Rays as they beat my Redshirts. Next year boys, next year...
  7. Spikers logo reminds me of the 90s Super Sonics logo.