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  1. I love the colors, the uni and logo a lot, but I HATE the name so much more.
  2. What happened to #AllEyesNorth for the Timberwolves.
  3. All those teams originate from the ABA unlike the Utah Jazz.
  4. I like everything about the Carolina Panthers redesign except for the logo. The new logo doesn't really scream panther to me, it just looks like a generic cat's eye.
  5. @AntoDaBoss https://t.co/iMFP2maoLH pro-am [proh-am] adjective 1. including both professionals and amateurs. noun… https://t.co/n9HltaBXXd

  6. This looks so much better than Miami's current set.
  7. Spikers logo reminds me of the 90s Super Sonics logo.
  8. What is the point in wearing it in March if Playoffs start in April
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