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  1. Bologna, head city of the rich and fertile Emilia-Romagna region, is well known around the world for many different things. Traditional cuisine and one of the world oldest universities are just some of Bologna trademarks. All in all, the feature I've always loved most is the towers skyline. During Middle Ages in the whole town more than a 100 towers were raised by noble and rich families to compete in height and beauty with others. Nowadays just 24 are left and between them the most famous ones are "la torre degli Asinelli e della Garisenda". This two towers are so typical and symbolic that I chose them for my logo Bologna Builders logo. The alternate logo is a capital B standing for both Bologna and Builders and two crossed building sledgehammers. The color palette is based on a darker version of the city colours featuring maroon and navy instead of red and royal blue.
  2. You have a point there. I was trying to give the logo a retro feel and I was thinking of using it marginally, as you see the alternate is the helmet logo. I was moved from those teams like Redskins or Celtics which have a really detailed logo and sharp alternates.
  3. Ancona is one of the biggest ports on the Adriatic sea and most of the venues of the sourronding region are from sea related industries. naming them the Fishermen was a big tribute to the city true spirit. The color palette is an original fisherman one: oilskin bright yellow, deep sea blue and hook grey. The tipical southwest oilskin hat is an important feature of their look. The alternate uni is a reminder of the red tuna fishermen who used to fish this enormous fish in the adriatic sea but nowadays, due to restrictions and intensive fishing in other areas, this skill is almost forgotten.
  4. Pulv!

    IHL 2017

    Great fan of Tequila Sunrise uniforms here! But the amazing bit is definitely the logo, that jet is just amazing...(did you designed it over a F-22 or a F-35? just curiosity, aye...)
  5. Pulv!

    IHL 2017

    I'd prefer Generals and Ice! This thread is awesome as always are your works! My only concern is about the roadrunner outline. I see your point on doing it of the same color as the darker brown shadow on the jerseys, but the outline is too close to the roadrunner inside color in my opinion.
  6. . Pescara is a town by the sea in the center of Italy, fishing industry is an important part of the venues of the whole coastal region. The dophin has ever been a town symbol to show the link between the inhabitants of the area and the sea. Also the town main soccer team sports a dolphin in their logo.This is why I chose to name the team Pescara Dolphins. The color palette is made after the colors of the sea. Secondary logo, a capital D, should hint a dolphin fin. The third kit is an homage to the rich sea life surrounding the coasts of Abruzzo, especially the mighty red tuna and the common dolphin. on the jersey there is a sublimated wave.
  7. Amazing job as ever! Bello, bello, bello!!! The french league seems even better than the german...
  8. Thanks for the great feedback. As soon as I finish the whole series, I'll go back to adjust things. The french name for the Steinbocks it's a great idea! Maybe I should change and make the fourth Sea Eagles logo the primary... Let me know if you still have problems with the pictures, I should have fixed it.
  9. It is the moment for Lazio Sea Eagles. This team is the first of the only two regional teams in the IFL as Lazio stands for the whole region surrounding Rome. They will be playing in Ostia, by the sea, near Rome. The mix between the eagle, a truly roman symbol, and the sea made me choose the sea eagle identity for the team. The eagle was a sign of power and victory in Ancient Rome, as you can make out from the really spread out use of this symbol in italian and european sports teams. The color scheme was thought out of the real sea eagle feather colors (black and white) with the adding of the blue of the tyrrenian sea.
  10. The city of Bergamo is known in Italy for being the hometown of many between the 1000 patriots commanded by Garibaldi who freed the southern part of Italy in 1860 during the italian independence war. These patriots were also called the Red Shirts (or jackets) as they all wore those as a uniform. This is why I decided to name the team from Bergamo the Red Jackets. This is also why my red jacket patriot looks a bit like dear Flying Elvis from NE Patriots. The color scheme is based off the red of the shirts, the blue of the Savoia royal family for who the patriots fought for and the silver of swords and rifles.
  11. From the charming city of Venice here you have Venezia Lions. The lion theme and the colour scheme is taken from the ancient venetian republic flag. Instead of holding a book as the one on the flag, their winged lion is holding a football ball. The third kit was deigned to show the pride of being venetian. On the shoulder you have a venetian flag patch and, on the sides, the striping should hint a lion tail.
  12. I'm glad to present you the Taranto Spartans! Ancient greek tradition and anchestry is something really common in southern Italy where many of today town were founded by the greek folk millenia ago. Taranto was a special one , being settled by spartans as their only colony. In the old city you can still see the marks left by greek and romans. The color scheme is based on the city coat of arms color scheme. The helmet was especiallty designed by me, it is not a logo rip off, I just wanted to specify it as it is quite similar to all the loads of ancient greek helmet logos over there. My effort was to try to design a real historical helmet. The third kit features the sublimated jupiter's temple columns which are a city symbol and an all golden look to remind the bronze armours of the spartans soldiers.
  13. What a nice idea for a league! I really like the Queen color scheme and logo but I think you should put the logo somewhere else as it is really difficult to see the letter as a Q, at first it looked as a O to me, because of the helmet branding. Maybe you can try to put the logo a bit higher on the helmet.
  14. Anything to say about these last concepts? C&C always appreciated!
  15. Glad to bring you the Bolzano Bears, the echo of the wild! I thought that bears was an appropriate name for a team from Bolzano, a town in the middle of the tyrolian alps, as nature is, without a doubt, its strong point. Bears are not common in that part of the alps, still there are some. The color scheme reminds me of the brown of bear fur, the green of the woods around Bolzano and the orange of the particular rocks color of those mighty mountains. Bear scratches are widely used in this concept. The alternate jersey is dedicated to a bear, named Pippo, who lived for many years in Bolzano zoo.
  16. Palermo is a city where history is in layers, in every corner you can see something from the roman, arabic, norman or spanish domination period. Wandering around in this unique history and culture mix, the aspect I like the most is the re-use of pubblic buildings. You can see churches, which used to be mosques, where the floor and walls are still of ceramic mosaic with arab words. These mosaics are very common in islamic decorative art and are well known for the bold colors. All this introduction was to explain you what exactly is the primary logo of the Palermo Saracens. It should be a mosaic design of the eight-pointed star, a very common motive in islamic art, with two scimitars underneath to simbolize the warrior soul of the saracens. I was forgetting to say that Saracens is the word used for muslim raiders from northen Africa in medieval times. Luckily Saracens built many beautiful buildings in Palermo instead of raiding it. The color scheme is based on the brilliant colors usually used in arabic ceramic mosaics.
  17. Not very much to say about this concept as it is really traditional... a special fleur de lys has been Florence logo since medieval times when this rich city was ruled by the Guelphs, who supported the pope, while the Ghibellines (for example in Siena) supported the emperor. These two factions had been in war for centuries and they are part of the city folk pride in many italian cities. The color scheme is not really different from the one of Fiorentina F.C. The alternate jersey features the florentinian fleur de lys as a shoulder patch on a all silver look to remind us of medieval armors and knights who fought for their ideals and to defend their cities all over Italy.
  18. I've never said who's the creator of the template I use. The credit goes to Mackin John Bannon. Credit is always due...
  19. You could at first sight think of a copycat of the New Orleans Saints, but the Padova Saints are a team with a same name and a same logo but with different background. First of all they are called Saints because Padova is well known for Saint Anthony from Padova (who was actually from Lisbon...), the saint friar that died in the city during medieval times. For this reason the city is quite a place to go on a pilgrimage, with its big cathedral and old churches. So there is a reason why they are called Saints... Secondly, Saint Anthony's holy symbol (or should we say logo...) is the lily flower, which happened to be exactly the fleur de lys... Coincidences? Don't think so...a team from Padova deserved to be branded that way! The main difference with the New Orleans team is the color scheme. Padova has Gold and Brown as these are the colors of the monks robe. There is nothing really extraordinary about the alternate uniform of the team, the only peculiar feature is the shoulder patch which includes the two vatican keys under a football to represent the bond between Padova and Rome.
  20. Red, light blue and an elephant are main symbols from Catania coat of arms. These representative city symbols have been used many times in the city sportive history, first of all in Catania F.C. crest. Being these colors so unique I've decided to keep with the tradition and to call the team the Elephants. Another important city symbol is mount Etna, Italy highest volcano, with its ever-white top, so I decided to add it to the identity with an elephant related element, tusks. Catania is a sea city but it is strongly related also with Mount Etna, a mount so big and high but yet so near the sea, Which creates a unique landscape (somehow similar to Tokyo!). This third jersey symbolizes the blue of the sea, the volcanic stone and the white of the snow near the city.
  21. I've decided to re-post all my works on the IFL with a more regular scheme Torino Bulls Milano Crusaders
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