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  1. I'm not an eagles fan, I just know the eagles have started bad each year chip kelley has been there, only to finish strong, and this is looking like it's going to be the same thing. And looking at their remaining schedule, not a lot of losses are on there. Like I said, only guarantees are the Panthres and the Patriots, maybe Cardinals. Considering the Cowboys are going to play themselves out of the playoffs without romo, and the Redkins are the Redskins, the only competition they have is the Giants, who they already beat once. Go ahead and be mad all you want, but I don't see how you're upset with a team that's very likely to win the division.
  2. Well obviously he's not going to replicate last year's results, but if he can get more 100 yards games like that, I think the eagles will be fine. 9-10 wins is very realistic. Only guaranteed loses are the pats and the panthers, maybe the cardinals. They even get the cowboys while romo and dez are out. I think you guys are overreating pretty hard. Their only bad loss of the year is against the cowboys. They lost to a really freaking good falcons team in a very close game where they came back, and the washington game was a last second td pass in a game where Bradford actually played really well. They'll be fine.
  3. Bradford is awful, I agree. But demarco ran well, which is an amazing sign if you're an eagles fan. If he actually starts playing like he did last season, you guys won't need bradford to be amazing in order to win games. Considering how :censored:ty the NFC east is, you might only need 10-6 or 9-7 to win it and go to the playoffs. And on the subject of Luck, I think it's too early to tell. It's annoying that the media constantly makes excuses for him, but this is only his third year. In another few years we'll actually have a measure of where he fits in the NFL canon.
  4. You're team won 27-7. You guys got 425 yards of offense. You guys are in first place in the NFC East. And the only thing coming out of your mouth is pure anger. You really are a true eagles fan.
  5. Not at the draft, but after his "rookie" season, some people were saying he'd be a great one. I think Jaws said he'd be the greatest qb of all time (though how much of that is ESPN just trying to sensationalize and create a story out of nothing). There was quite a bit of hype for him. Not nearly as much as Luck of course, I'm just saying it was there.
  6. It's unfortunate, but to be fair, I'm not sure they looked like anyone else. Baylor's new identity is almost more centered around black, grey, an white rather than their actual school colors. Honestly if I see a school wearing black and grey, I instantly think I'm watching baylor, which tells you a lot about how awful their brand is now. Why is it that schools with great colors are always the ones who use anything but them? Baylor, Oregon, Maryland uses black and white more than red and yellow, and if you want a small school example, eastern michigan has just totally destroyed any semblance of their previous brand. So I disagree that when these schools don't wear school colors they don't look like themselves, but I wouldn't say looking like themselves is a good thing.
  7. He made an 80 yard punt in that game I believe. Anyone bashing him is just being short sighted and stupid.
  8. I also think Oregon State before Ohio State when I flip to the game. Maybe they lose and curse these uniforms.Roryfan posted these in the concept forum and is exactly what they needed to do. Was it too obvious? If you want to do black -- fine -- but do it right. Same issue as with the SF 49'ers ... If you have to have a black jersey, you should at least incorporate other traditional uniform elements to retain the branding of the team. That's a nice design by Roryfan.Georgia does it right when they do it: Not really, might work if they had the black facemasks, but that set right there is textbook BFBS. Did anybody like when Georgia did this? I have never seen that uniform combo before (not a college football guy) but that is a perfect football uniform right there. Well, when you take away the silly conference patch and nike ads. Their helmet is iconic so I don't like it being recolored - that being said, if you're going to do it, that's a perfect recolor and I'm glad they showed restraint and kept the single stripe instead of either adding red or eliminating it all together. I agree 100% with whoever siad that they should hate that helmet but just can't. I'm in the same boat - there's a lot of things I find objectively wrong with their helmet (the main red one) but yet I think it's perfect. I think the single white stripe may be my favorite feature. You mean the manufactoring label of any football uniform ever? High schol btw Also conference patches are on every college uniform in any sport that has one.