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  1. I honestly think that looks better, but to each their own. At least there would be some kind of color involved.
  2. I'm not eating anything, I stand 100% by what i said. Ohio State pulled off one of the ugliest alts I've ever seen in the biggest game played this year. Win or lose, they should be ashamed of themselves, and I say that as someone who has been ashamed of their team for pulling out trash alts in big games.
  3. Disappointed that Ohio State now has an excuse to wear these uniforms again.
  4. Re: all the Ohio State fans who didnt wan't penn state to wear blue because they wanted to protect their fee fees from being hurt by an away team wearing home colors at Ohio Stadium; Honestly kiss my ass, this is a visually :censored:ing disaster in every regard. It looks like two teams with unfilled uniform template are playing each other. Without the score bug there would be no possible way to know who is playing who. I'm glad you guys got to protect whatever "honor" or whatever the hell you had, because you got yourself the worst uniform match of the decade right here. I'm glad penn state is kicking your asses hard.
  5. I'm honestly very ok with never going all black ever again. I think we pull it off fine but if you're going to have one blackout a year (which I think we absolutely should), I'd rather have it combined prominently with a school color than almost devoid of one. Plus I think these just look better, although I wish we had a separate yellow jersey that didn't have any black in it.
  6. I've never been hugely on this train before, but this just about does it for me, they need to put sparky on the helmet full time. It just looks so complete with that logo on there rather than the pitchfork that blends in with the rest of the uni's numerous pitchforks.
  7. My greatest hope is one day our on field product will look as good as our recent digs.
  8. I wouldn't say once a year, but that is a really good blackout jersey, probably the best non pure throwback alt they've ever done. The whole "no blackout unis are good" is a meme of an opinion, blackouts are a fun event for both the team and the students. It's only a problem when it's overdone by the school and the uniform to go along with it is terrible.
  9. Both unis are good, I just wish they used their gold helmets more and their silver helmets like once or twice a season. Everything else is fine.
  10. Tbh I prefer the Green/White/Green, but this isn't bad. It is a little weird how little yellow there is on the jersey compared to how much there is on the helmet and pants. Guess that's the problem with mixing and matching, you can't make everything match perfectly all the time. Overall not a bad look though, this year has been infinitely better than the nightmare that was last season.
  11. Come for the #LIT unis, stay to watch the SEC gods smite down upon the field and usher in a 30-0 loss at home. As is tradition.
  12. Are you saying Portland should introduce light mustard to their color scheme or is this an example?
  13. This is what I'm thinking, gotta be a night game, right? They probably have some glow in the dark thing to them. Hopefully they don't pull another A&M.
  14. Helmets are sick as hell, kinda wish the rest of the uniform was more inspired though. editing in pics of the helmet stripe because this might be one of my favorite uniform design elements ever.
  15. I love the gateway these uniforms are opening up. Can't wait for Oregon to dress like ducks, Oklahoma to dress as imperialists, Washington to dress up like The Jaws of Husky Stadium, and Miami to dress as hookers and incredibly irresponsible and rich boosters, christened with white accents that "showcase the powdery, white cocaine that sweeps across the noses of executives, all around downtown Miami".
  16. Oregon State has one of the best looks in college football right now.
  17. They're 100% different jerseys, you can see very clearly in the first set of images. They show the wings and black logo right next to each other, very clearly not the same. Not lighting
  18. Is it really that hard to make the numbers and helmet logo the same color as the wings? Is there any reason at all to have black in this uniform? Never been a fan of all yellow, but it's definitely better than the ones we wore against UT in 2013 The silver looked really bad in live action.
  19. I have absolutely no ill will against Nebraska, I simply don't like this trend. Even on the uniforms that I mentioned technically function without those sleeves, it would be better if those elements were actually on the uniform itself.
  20. It is theoretically a great idea if everyone wears them, however it turns out not everyone ever does, so you get a missing, normally important, part of the uniform for no other reason than "it wouldn't fit on our stretchy pants template lol". Both of those uniforms can function without it, that Nebraska throwback is going to look unbearably plain without any stripes.
  21. I mean I absolutely know it was, but it looks ridiculous to have a part of the uniform not really be a part of the uniform (not all the players are gonna wear that, it happens every time). Just put the stripes on the shoulder, no one is gonna throw a serious fit if it's not literally perfect (which it still isn't even as is).
  22. That template is so ass you can't even do a proper throwback without putting the stripes on a separate layer than the actual jersey. At least they'll have the MAXIMUM GRIP TIGHT TUSH TECHNOLOGY to help them out for when they get their asses kicked by by Wisconsin this week.
  23. Not trying to dig on Kennesaw State, but it astonishes me even now that every single adidas uniform that isn't from a top tier D1 school looks like a high school or D3 uniform. That is a perfectly fine uniform that purely because of the template looks like it belongs on a high school field. Even as an FCS school this is ridiculous, there is no reason a plain grey uniform with a perfectly fine helmet should instantly ring "texas 5A football". I know bashing adidas is nothing new but it's still shocking how this has been a problem ever since the first techfit and has not been fixed yet.