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  1. Pretty sure he lost a bet and had to put his weight in Kg on the jersey, crazy college kids.
  2. Yeah I'm really happy with how these turned out. Hoping we can limit black to at max one other game this year, preferably for a blackout in autzen. Oregon State also looked decent, though I still think the black/black/white is their best look.
  3. That looks like a toy helmet you get in a vending machine.
  4. Don't have to spend money on uniforms if your program gets the death penalty
  5. Nah, these are the Joe Roth throwbacks to honor Joe Roth, who beat USC that year then died of cancer in the off season. He is still the only retired Cal number, and they wear something like these every time they play USC or UCLA (only once a year though). At least that's what they said on the broadcast when they took a brief break from giving Sam Darnold a handy.
  6. They wanted to honor the iconic swamps in which the real florida gators reside, so they switched their turf from grass into premium light weight tech zoom hyper blue turf, to mirror the water in which they live.
  7. Man what an unfortunate situation where florida has to play auburn on a friday night. How far the SEC has fallen, damn.
  8. I think on their own, those are nice uniforms, but it's actually going to be impossible to tell that CSU is playing. I think it would've been much better had they done this design in CSU colors, would've at least given some indication of who's playing, especially when blue and white are major colors of the school you're playing against.
  9. Agreed, also I like how his suggestion was gold/grey/gold, as if grey was ever a part of CU's color pallete, and as if it's somehow drastically better than silver.
  10. lol Just to clarify, it's not real, just saw it and thought it was funny.
  11. Those might be the dorkiest new uniforms I've ever seen. Stripes are a bit like glasses rims. A little thickness shows maturity. Too much thickness gets you a swirly during free period.
  12. Yeah put their normal red helmet on that and those are some of the best unis in college football imo.
  13. Normally I would agree with you, but when you pull the look off a lot better than the pro team you're copying, in my mind you get a pass.
  14. Yeah and I mean, I don't know what you expect them to do about the colors. Should Penn State change their colors because lions aren't blue?
  15. I get why people are calling them bengals ripoffs, but honestly they look infinitely better than the bengals. They don't have those ugly side panels and inconsistent color placements.
  16. Actually there is one very minor (major) detail that desperately needs fixing that has bothered the hell out of me since release. The shoulder stripes. No, not the design, the material. They legitimately look like someone put two slabs of green electrical tape one the jersey and called them part of the uniform. Nike please god fix this shiny material bull :censored:, it actually almost ruins what should be amazing uniforms.
  17. Ok, so you can't seriously be saying that Oregon's stripes are even remotely like Nebraska, Wisconsin, or Houston's, right? Like you know that just having two stripes doesn't make something identical at all right? This is an absurd statement, what the hell?
  18. I understand this argument for some schools, but I don't even think that's true for oregon. Those sleeve stripes are pretty unique, and no one else in the country has that number font. Plus no one else has those colors. Oregon's colors and O alone will take them far, while i would love the wings back, I don't think they need them to stand out.
  19. Honestly not a bad look if they just remove the shoulder stripes. Looks like they but 3 thin strips of electrical tape on the sides and called it a day.
  20. I actually do like that uniform somewhat, but it's debatable if they truly "pull it off". Like it's pretty decent, but the lack of white looks kinda goofy. Plus their black/black/white is just infinitely better anyway.
  21. I've long stood by the fact that Clemson is the only team in the nation that can pull off monochrome orange, and this is furthering my belief. Yikes. Doesn't help that the helmet logo is unreadable from any distance.
  22. I'm sure she's a fine lady, but college kids change their mind all the time, who knows what they're gonna be from year to year.
  23. I literally admitted that I'm a traditionalist, but alright I'll take your word on it. My experience has not led to believe that discussion and critique of traditional uniforms is possible, but I'll give it more of a whirl, we'll see.
  24. That is not even remotely what I'm saying, what? I personally prefer traditional looks myself, but not every traditional look is good, and not every modern look is bad. There is a literal dichotomy where all modern aesthetics are bad, and all traditional aesthetics are good. You can't seriously say, as a form of any kind of art (and yes, like it or not, football uniform design is a form of art), that it's that simple. At that point you're basically that one 15 year old on reddit who says all modern music is trash and that queen and the who are the greatest bands ever. I mean seriously That is your entire idea of what modern style uniforms are. Never mind that Boise just rocked an amazing storm trooper look last weekend (which if you disagree with that, I'll be happy to discuss why), all modern uniforms are anthracite chrome swag nike garbage. That is the problem right there. When a board has decided to dichotomize it's opinions, that is how destructive circlejerks start, which we basically have, and have had for a while. There we go, that's something. Honestly clemson has one of my favorite uniforms, if not my all time favorite uniforms in college football. That said, their pants need a purple outline stripe. It just looks really weird when their helmet has purple outlines, and their jerseys have purple outlines, but their pants have none. Also I think this game going Orange, Purple, Orange would've been better, just so they contrast with Auburn's aways better. Which, speaking of, holy hell where do I begin. Triple stripe big logon on the helmet, Triple shoulder stripe AND tv numbers, giant mismatching pants stripe, just jesus christ there is WAY too much going on. Their homes work because the dark blue soaks up a lot of that action, but their aways are a mess. I think just have the AU logo on the hip and get rid of the pants stripe, would enormously improve their whole set. It doesn't math their other stripes anyway, and is just an eyesore overall, not needed. Though really, their colors are just too similar for it to be a great matchup, not much to save honestly.