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  1. These guys were probably paid a lot of money, and went through years of training to get together in primo braining storming sessions, and the idea they came up was "hey, what if we colored IN, the tech-fit mesh?!" ? What a joke.
  2. It looks like someone tried to make uniforms based around the concept of "squash soup".
  3. Might be one of the best matte helmets I've ever seen. Hawaii's colors work so well with it that I can overlook the shiny stickers on matte texture. I honestly feel like it looks better than if they just did a regular shiny helmet, mostly due to it looking less messy with all of the dark green and black. Awesome job Hawaii, now just bring back the Colt Brennan uniforms and you'll be set.
  4. WKU never needed to move away from these in the first place. Overall meh, really lateral movement with generic jerseys and pants. Wish they didn't have those chrome helmets though.
  5. I'd like to hope that schools and apparel companies will eventually realize that if your school's color is red, just don't do the whole dripping paint thing. It ain't ever gonna be good.
  6. The moral here is that it's ok to use the student athletes as literal billboards while they are practicing in front of :censored:ing nobody, but attempting to independently make money off of their own athletic ability destroys the amateur spirit of college football and they need to be made an example of
  7. I did argue it, here My original comment was simply that he was using the term Bush League in an egregious manner, it had nothing to do with his distaste for monochrome uniforms other than maybe as background for his lack of argument. It only became about that when his entire reply was simply restating "it's bush league", which I admittedly didn't like and retorted in a rude manner, to which I frankly apologize for. However the reason my annoyed retort was even a thing is because every single damn time I've ever seen someone say they like a or any monochrome uniform, OSK tells them they're wrong and that they suck. Every single damn time seemingly without failure. There is nothing wrong with him saying that opinion in itself, but after literally years of being a broken record based on de-legitimizing others tastes (which is why I considered it antagonistic), I (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) will eventually grow tired and annoyed at that lack of respect for others opinions, which may result in my own lack of respect for theirs. When someone says "hey I think Michigan State should wear all green at home", and their reply is "that's stupid it's Bush League", pardon me if I give a rude attack with another rude response, especially further so when the next response is equally as dismissive. If you're going give me crap for being rude to OSK, that's fine, but give a little bit of crap to OSK for :censored:ting on others opinions for a good while now.
  8. Of course he's "allowed to", it's not against the rules. However I'm pretty sure telling him that he's being annoying is also not against the rules. I'd like to have seen this kind of defense when nuordr was doing his antics though, I very much remember many users telling him to shut up about his opinions that he repeated ad nauseam.
  9. It's also annoying when literally any time someone mentions monochrome uniforms, you have a conniption. It's really old and annoying at this point, we get it already. It is fine to have an opinion, it is not fine to smear that opinion in everyone's faces at every god given opportunity, especially when it's pretty antagonistic.
  10. This is about the worst use of bush league I've ever seen. Not only are we not talking about baseball, not only are we not talking about dirty play, and not only are the college football ranks basically minor leagues anyway, but multiple professional teams in the NFL use monochrome, so even by anything other than your arbitrary "all monochrome is the work of devil" definition is this bush league. It is maybe not traditional in the professional ranks, but neither is almost any of what is worn by a non traditional power. An even then, college teams wave worn monochrome for decades now, this is just absurd to compare monochrome green to the hidden ball trick.
  11. Fantastic! Now all they need to do is make the tiger striping on their yellow alts consistent for all jerseys and they'd have some of the best unis in all of college football.
  12. In 2030, when the University of Oregon EliteSpeeds (presented by Nike) go head to head with the White Storm in a season opening cupcake match to warm up for their epic showdown with the #11 Texas AT&T Great Rates, a Visa presented, PPV, throwdown showdown, exclusively on the Clorox Squeaky Clean Sports Network (CSCSN for short) that has heavy implications in the NASDAQ Payoff Playoff Market Challenge. The EliteSpeeds had a heartbreaking season, where they finished undefeated, but due to some awful investments in Chinese fabric, were penalized 200 Meritocracy Points, and fell out of the rankings entirely. Now they come back with a veteran roster, including the Nissan Heisman frontrunner, Johnson & Johnson IV, headlined by coach Willie Target, still seeking his first title as CEO of the EliteSpeeds. The U is still not back.
  13. Oh boy do I wish I was as optimistic as you are.
  14. That makes me feel a bit better, but why even showcase those in the first place? I mean if you're going to shamelessly plug your brand into amateur athletics, you might as well go whole hog right?
  15. Nike was born in Oregon, you don't see a bust of Uncle Phil on the helmets.
  16. Everyone is jumping aboard the whole "basketball thing in football thing XDDD" train, but does anyone else think it's really bizarre that a public university's football team is wearing a giant brand logo on their practice helmets? Like is that not just a tad off for anyone else? I get that major universities make a big deal of their branding and apparel deals, but on the uniforms themselves generally the actual brand logo is not front and center. I mean there is arguable no more important spot in a uniform than the centerpiece of the helmet, and those helmets have a jumpman logo. I know it's only a practice uniform, but that just makes it worse i think. Even their practices are brought to you by Jumpman. I know saying that college football is a giant corporate entity isn't exactly a unique position, but I can't recall ever seeing quite this level of pure corporatism in amateur athletics, where the primary focal point of a practice uniform is a giant apparel brand. This is bothering me maybe more than it should.
  17. That's just a pattern of the template itself, which is also an outdated template i believe.
  18. My issue isn't even really the design itself. I mean yeah I think it's generic and forgettable as all hell, but that's mostly because any generic design looks trashy on Adidas' templates. Honestly, I think the base design is ok. They don't really need anything other than the blue helmet, but as a stormtrooper look, a road helmet, or maybe just for occasional use, I'm ok with that in the while and blue helmet being in their rotation I guess. But what the hell are those are other two helmets? The white helmet with the gold facemask is one of the most pointless things I've seen a college team do with their uniforms. It's just a downgrade in every way to the blue facemask one, and serves no other purpose other than to muddy the brand. And what in high hell is that gold chrome helmet? Chrome helmets were barely cool 3 years ago, now they are nothing but trashy. That's the kind of helmet an escort would wear during an Ole Miss recruiting pitch. The whole thing looks outdated and trashy, and I have no idea how someone looks at that and goes "wow they did a good job, B+", which was my point. I'm shocked at how little hate this is getting.
  19. They look like a Division 2 school what the :censored:
  20. Some of my favorite uniforms of all time honestly. Every combo was great, the helmet was a classic, the uniform had a cohesive design and wasn't overbearing. Honestly these are probably the biggest underrated classics ever, I like their current look but I don't know if anything will ever top these.
  21. Man I really just don't get it. That helmet is a fantastic alternate the uniform is so close to being great. All they need to do is have the sleeve design be orange, and the jersey be black instead of grey. I don't think it's a disaster, but god dammit, this is so close to being a great alt and instead it looks like another throw away one off the Beavs are destined to get beat by 30 in.
  22. Yeah basically this. I don't think anyone is arguing that Rutgers needs a black uniform, but nike did the all black uniform much better.
  23. All of their success in the modern era has come with the R logo, and people still remember back in 2006-2008 when Rutgers had those epic Big East showdowns on national tv. Obviously it's nowhere near as iconic as most other somewhat traditional power's logos, but it's the closest thing Rutgers has to iconic, and I don't see them dropping it any time soon, at least I would hope not.