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  1. Low key them and clemson have the best looks in college football, with texas and florida sneaking in behind them.
  2. Honestly, yeah they're totally unnecessary and pointless, and yeah that concept has been done to death, but as standalone uniforms, those whites are really nice. The white helmet really makes that green pop, and that finish is really nice. IMO, if MSU didn't have such a huge tradition with green helmets, I wouldn't mind if they worse those white helmets full time, I would love a white/green/white MSU look.
  3. It's really the pants stripes for me, the wrap around is awful, plus the fills are just unnecessary. They're not as bad as everyone is saying they are, but they aren't good.
  4. A bit late, but RE: Utah's uniforms, I actually think they have good potential, but dammit why does every designer have a hardon for the fill tool??? Actually ruins the uniforms imo, especially on the pants.
  5. Yeah I made that post before I even read page 6, that's my bad. I still think it's ridiculous that you thought that a phrase almost as old as the team itself was somehow a marketing ploy, even though you had never heard of it before.
  6. I'm impressed you were able to determine that a phrase that has been used for over 50 years by an announcer and has been owned and loved by the city and team was actually just a clever marketing ploy made by big bad business suit people in the couple of days this thread has been up when you had previously never heard it before. That must've taken some serious googling. Also if you think it's not proper for a team to "memorialize" a loss with a phrase, then i don't know how you'll react to the fact that The Star Spangled Banner tune is the same as (read, stolen from) a british drinking song from the 1600s.
  7. I mean sure, they'll stick out. You could put pictures of dildos on your uniforms and stick out too. Simply sticking out doesn't mean anything. I see Wazzu's new uniforms and I see the same :censored: we've been seeing for about a decade now, just in a different package. Nike is trying to make "traditional" kewl again. This is just another attempt at a trend now that nike has seen that the whole chrome thing is losing it's luster. I'm guarantee your Oregon's new uniforms are going to be "simple" as well. And you guys are going to praise the hell out of them, and probably the next batch of uniforms that follow suit. Then 4 years later everyone is wearing nothing but solid colored helmets, pants, and jerseys, and people on this same board are going to be pondering "hey, remember those pro combat unis from the early 2010s? Man why aren't college football uniforms creative again?". Who knows, maybe this trend doesn't take off and we get chrome for another decade. Or maybe wazzu is just a one off. But I'm almost certain that these new uniforms are a test to see if it's ok to start the next big trend. It's just a counter trend to a previous trend Nike themselves created. It's all corporate bull :censored:, and I'm surprised you of all people don't seem to get it.
  8. Simple =/= good. I know this board is all in on the whole traditional style, but keep in mind that a lot of why uniforms like Penn State work so well are A. The color scheme is perfect for them, and B. They have tradition and history to back them up. Imagine if Penn State's exact style was done in say, green and black by a no name school, it would look awful. Specifically, the use of white (see also alabama) is necessary for a very simple uniform to still pop and work well. Wazzu's uniforms use a lot of grey and red, two colors that really don't gel together when used alone. It's not like silver which has sheen enough to pop, grey is a flat color and the way wazzu is using red also makes it flat. Basically their uniforms don't work primarily because the colors they are using don't work well on their own without other design elements. This is why their previous uniforms were so great, because the stripes on the uniform helped compliment two flat colors. There was enough going on to visually interest the viewer without being over done. Here there is just nothing to visually interest anyone, it just looks like template uniforms.
  9. I love the new logo, but yeah I agree, the shortened "Do Something" might not be the best idea. The full slogan is good tho, maybe use "No Excuses" instead.
  10. I've been waiting a long time for Oregon to get uniforms like this, don't judge me.
  11. If Willie Taggart flopped his weiner in my face and asked for a favor I can't promise i would say no.
  12. I'm not sure how anyone else is supposed to interpret the words "regardless of the helmet's safety merits" as anything other than at the very least not putting player safety first. Like I'm not really stretching here, you literally just told us to disregard the safety merits of a safety device because it looks ugly. That's not me mangling words, that's just kinda blatant.
  13. What the :censored: do you think helmets are for? Jesus christ, I'm sorry the players might have to wear ugly hats so they don't get brain damage playing for your entertainment, truly this is an inconvenience that must be avoided.
  14. The F7 isn't even on there so I don't see your point.
  15. But do we really need to shift back to more concussions sooner than later?
  16. I really hate that logo, but as far as updates this is superb. Simple, but very effective.
  17. Oh give me a break, the average casual fan isn't some 19 year old who spams "LIT" anytime a new uniform is released, they're 30-40 somethings who only follow their favorite team and don't care about anyone else. And even then, I can tell you first hand from having roommates and friends who fit that maligned age group on this site that the hardcore fans of those ages hate the ridiculous uniforms. You're not better for having "better taste" in uniforms, stop pretending that loving penn state's uniforms makes you special, you're actually pretty average as a whole.
  18. I actually like wku's chrome helmets, I just wish the rest of their uniform was classier. They're the only school that i know of in fbs that has a primary chrome helmet, I wouldn't mind them keeping it for a while.
  19. is that black or blue from UTSA, I honestly can't tell.
  20. Civil War looked fantastic today, at least aesthetically. Play wise it was kind of another story.
  21. Probably the most deserved beatdown ever, Baylor should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.
  22. I agree with you that those first smu unis were great, but I wouldn't call the second set a borefest. The pants stripes and help stripes look really nice, though I agree that the jerseys could use a little something extra. Regardless I think smu has been really underrated in terms of schools with great uniforms, especially considering what other c-usa teams are wearing.