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  1. So I think I'm gonna do this series a bit differently that I said I was going to do. I sorta don't like how I mashed the Arenas, St. Pats, and Maple Leafs all into one. So starting with Detroit, every NHL expansion team will get their own post regardless of what they became. Detroit Cougars The Detroit Cougars entered the NHL in 1927. They actually played their first few home games in Windsor, Ontario, because no arena was ready yet in Detroit. Their first jerseys were super simple, and brought back by the Wings for the 2009 winter classic. The next year they'd move on to a more complex design. I kept the simplicity of the first jerseys and added the pattern from the 1927-28 uniform. C&C much appreciated! HOME ARENA: Detroit Olympia CURRENT US PRESIDENT: Calvin Coolidge MAJOR EVENT: Charles Lindberg makes the first solo nonstop Transatlantic flight FAMOUS BIRTHDAY: Vin Scully
  2. Any feedback on Chicago before we do Detroit?
  3. How about Oski the bear? (UC Berkeley)
  4. zg313

    Super Bowl Concepts

    Huh I don't think I've seen that one before. I stand corrected
  5. zg313

    Super Bowl Concepts

    Do they really need to have the TV station's logo on it? No Super Bowl logo before has had it.
  6. zg313

    Super Bowl Concepts

    Can the NFL hire you please? These are awesome. I used to love it when the new Super Bowl logo came out every year. I actually think my first sports design history was drawing Super Bowl logos when I was a kid. Then the NFL had to go mess that up for everyone and just do the same boring logo every year. I actually really like the moon and the tribute it pays to the Apollo program. Nice work!
  7. Chicago Black Hawks Also beginning play in 1926 were the Black Hawks (two words). They wore pretty nifty white uniforms with black striping. I kept the upper-chest striping, which I really like, and made the rest of the uniform's striping match it. But then I ran into an issue. Chicago wouldn't introduce red in their identity for another few years. Buuuut, red is a main part of the insignia for the 86th Infantry Division for which the team was named for. So I made a version with red, and mashed up the '26 logo with the '35 logo. Let me know which one you like better! HOME ARENA: Chicago Coliseum CURRENT US PRESIDENT: Calvin Coolidge MAJOR EVENT: NBC launched FAMOUS BIRTHDAY: Marylin Monroe
  8. Credit for the template goes to @Zeus89725. There's a bunch more he made here, but the one I used is titled "sweater".
  9. Boston Bruins (1924) The Bruins enter the NHL as the league's first American team in 1924. Their first uniforms are brown with two yellow stripes on the sleeves. The next year, they'd switch to a more complex white jersey. My version of Boston's first jersey is a simplified brown version of the 1925-26 uniforms. HOME ARENA: Matthews Arena CURRENT US PRESIDENT: Calvin Coolidge MAJOR EVENT: Vladimir Lenin dies FAMOUS BIRTHDAY: Jimmy Carter
  10. Toronto Arenas/Maple Leafs (1917) The Toronto Arenas, later the Maple Leafs, also join the NHL in 1917. The first Arenas jersey was simple, with a blue base and white hem and cuffs. A year later, they would add arm stripes. I expedited the process and added three stripes on the upper arms, while still keeping the original feel of the Arena's jersey. The Toronto Maple Leafs are getting grouped in here because there wasn't a significant enough identity difference between the Arenas and Maple Leafs, other than the logo. HOME ARENA: Mutual Street Arena CURRENT US PRESIDENT- Woodrow Wilson MAJOR EVENT- First NHL Championship Game played (Toronto vs Montreal) FAMOUS BIRTH- Ella Fitzgerald
  11. Welcome to my NHL re-Introduction series! In this series, I re-introduce each NHL team by altering the look that they entered the NHL with. I'll be doing each team in the order they entered the league, starting with the Montreal Canadiens. I've elected to only do teams that currently exist in the NHL today in some way shape or form, so my apologies to fans of former teams like the Quebec Athletic Club. However, every major rebrand and relocation (such as Whalers to Hurricanes, etc.) will get featured. Each concept will be appropriate to its time period, and have a little historical context for fun. C&C is much appreciated! Montreal Canadiens (1917) The Montreal Canadiens enter the NHL as an inaugural team in 1917. With them enters the most iconic uniform in sports. I chose not to change too much. I did flip the blue and white on the striping, and made the hem stripe the same style of the chest stripe. HOME ARENA- Montreal Westmount Arena CURRENT US PRESIDENT- Woodrow Wilson MAJOR EVENT- US declares war on Germany, entering WW1 FAMOUS BIRTH- John F. Kennedy
  12. A clean, colorful, and classy look for the T-Birds. The white jersey is great looking, and the alternate does a great job of paying tribute to the NHL parent club while still remaining true to Springfield's identity. Great job.
  13. A classic team like the Philadelphia Flyers should have a classic alternate. I went in a similar direction as Philly did in their Winter Classic, but with a striping change. The black stripes pay homage to Philadelphia hockey history, similar in look to the Philadelphia Quakers. Vintage white makes a return. This is one of my favorites of the series.
  14. Whoops! Got 'em right here. I'll preface this by saying that I think that the Ottawa Senators have one of the best alternate jerseys in the league. It's nice and clean and traditional. With this set, I wanted instead to go in a pretty modern direction and do a two tone jersey. I really like the shield logo, so I decided to make it the primary logo here.
  15. The New York Islanders went in a fairly simple and straight forward direction for their current alternates. I don't mind them, but I do think they're a little plain. So I made the arm stripes a bit thicker and added some chest stripes that go around. Logo stays the same.