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  1. RT @Mikel_Jollett: For those of you who criticize Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protest while championing Roseanne’s “free speech,” here is R…

  2. @MacLannan9 What kind

  3. RT @Marlins: Lights out! Marlins win game two, 5-1, behind a strong start by Caleb Smith. #JuntosMiami https://t.co/6jZsmxHsL2

  4. @CLavallee14 ...what is it!?

  5. RT @WTP_BDiehards: I have a new favorite GIF https://t.co/AZmgGNjT7g

  6. Life's a garden....DIG IT!

  7. RT @MonteSparkman: Why are coaches being required to be certified tackling coaches , but not certified to run weight rooms and performance…

  8. RT @KnucklesNilan30: The reffing in the NHL is a joke. The Bruins get screwed again by incompetent officials. But let’s not say anything be…

  9. Chuckie bright lights!

  10. RT @TSNHockey: DRAFT LOTTERY LIVE: The 5th selection in the 2018 #NHL Draft belongs to the @ArizonaCoyotes. https://t.co/oqGzu2w3E9 #TSNHoc…

  11. We eatin' #pasta

  12. RT @guystufff: “Happy Earth Day, son.” #EarthDay2018 https://t.co/wBhNUCkpnT

  13. @MacLannan9 big W https://t.co/5bWqw5vPkp

  14. Saturdays are for Pasta @spittinchiclets

  15. @MacLannan9 Got it