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  1. If this is not appropriate for this forum at the moment please remove.... but are any schools up for new contracts at the end of this school year? from my best search results I think Minnesota and Texas Tech but have not been able to find concrete info. just interested to see if these school go crazy this season with combos before a potential brand switch. thanks!
  2. To the best of my knowledge with the use of google it looks like Texas Tech UA deal expires at the end of next school year. any word out there on an extension or negotiations? and do you guys think another brand will try and hop in I.E. Adidas?
  3. RT @Mikel_Jollett: For those of you who criticize Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protest while championing Roseanne’s “free speech,” here is R…

  4. @MacLannan9 What kind

  5. RT @Marlins: Lights out! Marlins win game two, 5-1, behind a strong start by Caleb Smith. #JuntosMiami https://t.co/6jZsmxHsL2

  6. @CLavallee14 ...what is it!?

  7. RT @WTP_BDiehards: I have a new favorite GIF https://t.co/AZmgGNjT7g

  8. Life's a garden....DIG IT!

  9. RT @MonteSparkman: Why are coaches being required to be certified tackling coaches , but not certified to run weight rooms and performance…

  10. RT @KnucklesNilan30: The reffing in the NHL is a joke. The Bruins get screwed again by incompetent officials. But let’s not say anything be…

  11. Chuckie bright lights!

  12. RT @TSNHockey: DRAFT LOTTERY LIVE: The 5th selection in the 2018 #NHL Draft belongs to the @ArizonaCoyotes. https://t.co/oqGzu2w3E9 #TSNHoc…

  13. We eatin' #pasta

  14. RT @guystufff: “Happy Earth Day, son.” #EarthDay2018 https://t.co/wBhNUCkpnT

  15. @MacLannan9 big W https://t.co/5bWqw5vPkp

  16. Saturdays are for Pasta @spittinchiclets

  17. @MacLannan9 Got it

  18. RT @StanleyCup: Who has no thumbs, 126 years of memories, and a brand-new Twitter account… this guy! #myfirstTweet

  19. RT @Xbox: RT for a chance to win an Xbox One X, @SamsungUS QLED 4K TV, and 12 months of Xbox Game Pass and Gold. #PAXEast #XboxSweepstakes…

  20. RT @ArizonaCoyotes: Once again, @ClaytonKeller37 has been named the @NHL Rookie of the Month! Congrats Kells! Story: https://t.co/asHhTbw…

  21. RT @Toucherandrich: FIRST PLACE SON. #Bruins https://t.co/gIDBIEPtIx

  22. RT @ArizonaCoyotes: You're welcome, Boston. https://t.co/gDNVhRJxep

  23. @NHLBruins Classic jack Edwards @MacLannan9

  24. RT @DanyAllstar15: Ryan Donato comes straight out of Math 301 with a Jansport backpack and walks into TD Garden 302 with Gucci luggage and…

  25. RT @TerrierHockey: That winning feeling. #GoBU https://t.co/4kVRs7KWRs