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  1. Thanks man! I'll try to work around it..
  2. Can someone help me identify these??
  3. They should at least make the circle and "VW" the same thickness.
  4. Courtesy of @leaguealerts Trae Young uploaded this to his snapchat.
  5. Oh, my bad. I was just looking at some team's logos that you can see from NBA Media Central and I thlught this one was a new logo for Pacers because they didn't have it last year.
  6. Has this ever been posted?
  7. found these: https://www.nbajerseys.store/men-lakers-moritz-wagner-icon-edition-gold-2018-19-jersey-27109.html
  8. i don't know if it's 2k's error or not but the rakuten patch is all red now, you can clearly see it's red and black on 2k18(2nd pic) (credit to GamingBros519's channel for 2k18's pic)
  9. from the replica from few pages back it still has that adidas wishbone collar:
  10. someone posted this in a for sell forum he wrote "Nike original 17/18 season Utah Jazz"