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  1. Gameday https://imgur.com/0B4qHSg
  2. Ugh, having a heck of a time to get this to post in here. So here is a link of my "throwback" version https://imgur.com/OhQvkde
  3. Thanks. Got to say you kind of inspired it when you started adding the walls and stuff to your Super Bowl fields. I have done about 22 NFL stadiums. Working on the Rose Bowl. Have a Coors Field and Pepsi Center (or Ball Arena now) that is interchangeable for the Nuggets and the Avalanche. (Yeah, I live in Denver) It's a long process, about 20-40 hours to do one depending on how symmetrical the stadium is and if I can get a good seating chart and photos.
  4. I have done some of these. Here is a link to my imgur https://imgur.com/gallery/b1M5x26 I always love the look of the Rose Bowl field.
  5. I've done one for all the teams here in Denver. Coors Field for the Rockies, Pepsi Center that converts to both Nuggets and Avalanche
  6. So I have a layered base field template with pro and college field markings. My template is at 1920x1080 pixels so it will scale correctly for my HD monitor. I look at pictures from as many angles of the stadium as I can find to get dimensions from the field and where the stairways go and such. I have found that ticket selling sites like SeatGeek have good section views and I use Google maps when I can to measure distances. Then its just a matter of making layers for the seat risers, seats, stairs, walls etc. For this stadium, it took about 15 hours. I have about 15 NFL ones done so far. Done a few college ones.
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