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  1. @Conrad. Posted this on twitter yesterday but I haven't seen it in this thread yet so... If this was their primary it'd be a top 5 uni in the association.
  2. I don't know if I would read too much into this, but the Twitter banner image for Nebraska football's high school relations guy is a player in a black iteration of the home jerseys. Can any Photoshop wizards tell if the jersey looks color-swapped at all? I can spot minor inconsistencies but those also might be an effect of the "digitization" thing going on. (Second picture for effect reference.) Would Nebraska spring an alternate like this? Every one I can remember us wearing has been pre-announced before the season, and plus we already have an alt this year for the Wiscy game. But at the same time, if it's kept simple like this, I think an actual black jersey could be really cool.
  3. You're probably right about that. I guess I should've said instantly recognizable to B1G / College Football logo buffs.
  4. I actually am a huge fan of the "fur stripes" on the helmet. They're fun and instantly recognizable to most intimate CFB fans.
  5. See I think the reason that Oregon's Y/G/Y is such a great look because yellow is bright enough to (almost) serve as a substitute for white.The whole uniform looks very.... saturated.
  6. Just started at Juice stop, a Lincoln/Omaha chain that sells fantastic not-from-concentrate juice smoothies. Anyways, the branding featured on the cups, windows, employee shirts, etc. seems a little bit inconsistent. So I decided to try and make a "modernization" of it while keeping the same general elements to test my abilities. I know this isn't quite top-level material, but I'd still appreciate if you logo and design buffs on the board gave me some pointers. C&C is greatly encouraged- as I still need to do a lot of improving in this area. Previous Logo(s) [I've found both versions, though the cups and shirts feature the version on the left]: Concept New Logo: I tried to keep the same sort of "shield" or "home plate" shape as the base, but changed the (blue/purple + green) double outline to a single deep purple one. I translated the bars from the top row to the bottom, in line with the bottom text. I created a custom logotype for "Juice" that i'm pretty happy with, and "Stop" is in your basic block with little triangular caps on the end to kind of give it a place. I attempted to keep the same basic color palette, but to mellow out the colors a little (i think i may have dulled them too much) I liked the sun element from the original, so I kept it on top of the logo but put it on the white to give it more stature. With the rays I was attempting to go for a fruit slice negative image, with the waves at the bottom of the sun being the juice flowing out, although i could've executed that better, as it's not really visible here. So that's what I put into this - What you got for me?
  7. New helmets for Kent State. Strange because I remember something about them straying from gold in their new uniform set. Anyways, not much to see here. Oversize helmet logo, 3d bumpers, some sort of memorial patch on back. At least they went logo on both sides though instead of going Full Boise. Also, must every Jeff Brohm team have chrome helmets?
  8. No "RTB" all over WMU's unis this year, but the material looks cheap, the helmet is high school-esque, and the pants stripe makes them look like their shorts are riding up and they all have awful tan lines .
  9. This is obviously subject to change, but UF-UM is easily the best looking game of this weekend so far.
  10. New UNLV field.They seems to be keeping theme with the LV Sign. Also, is that 50th roundel gonna be a patch on jerseys?
  11. Not uniforms as much as equipment, but Oregon State is tapering their helmet stripes on their Speedflex Helmets to better fit the helmet's shape. (Sorry for quality, i'm, watching this game on a potato)
  12. The only reason I can think of for the variation in stripes is that they are meant for the fans maybe? Looks like the default color for fans at home is yellow, and they may try a "stadium stripe" vs USC. Edit: On an unrelated note, I think we need to appreciate how much this uniform doesn't suck. Sure, Sparky my be a better choice on the helmet- but the striping pattern is unique, the jersey is clean, and they PrimeKnit pattern isn't really that visible on maroon. This is probably Adidas' best work.
  13. Georgia Tech to announce Adidas deal tomorrow morning. Hopefully they get this right. http://www.ajc.com/sports/college/georgia-tech-has-apparel-deal-with-adidas/9OgAgz7eEk4MtRD79IHgYM/
  14. New Hoosiers uniforms on the way. Looks like they have a matte maroon helmet in there. Cant tell if there are any shoulder stripes.
  15. VT with 3D back bumpers. Also is that grad cap sticker standard for the ACC, or do they not have a graduate recognition program?
  16. The pattern on the shockweb jerseys IS actually the same pattern as Primeknit, it's just applied differently.
  17. PrimeKnit jerseys have the pattern we all know and hate. Shockweb jerseys were the precursor to PrimeKnit and featured the infamous "tire tracks". They feature the PrimeKnit pattern on the shoulders, but the chest area and side panels differed, as seen here on Brett Hundley:
  18. New Mexico State released templated UA BFBS unis. Nothing to see here. (Well, except for maybe the sweet crossed pistols on the sleeve cap)
  19. Looks like the outlandish uniforms have left Western Michigan with PJ Fleck.
  20. I believe they claim it to be a difference in materials. The "shockweb" elements of the jersey (darker parts) are supposedly made of either a stronger material or a more flexible material than the rest of the jersey (I cant remember which way it is.) Anyways apparently they material is dyed or otherwise colorized with the same color but one of the fabric types is naturally darker/absorbs it differently. This could easily be circumvented by noting the disparity between the two textiles for each color and lightening/darkening the shades as necessary between fabric types before stitching the uniforms together. (For example, there is less of a difference in red than there is in, say, blue ) But then we wouldn't all notice the pattern and remember that whatever team we're watching is an Adidas team literally every time we see them. It's Lavar Ball marketing.
  21. Not quite. Nike has gotten rid of home and road designations. New uniform guidelines work like this: The home team in a match-up can choose any one (1) of their four (4) uniforms- which are labeled "Association", "Icon, Community", and "Athlete's Mindset"- to wear; and the opposing (road) team must choose a contrasting uniform from their set of four (4). Uniforms are designated as follows: (Approximation of Nike press release regarding uniform rotation - my nikespeak is nowhere near as polished.) Association: Celebrates the tradition of the all-white uniform in the NBA which "unifies the league" seeing as every team has one. - This is every team's white uniform (previously known as Home uniform) Icon: The counter of the "Association" uniform, the "Icon" uniform is meant to celebrate a team's individuality as a brand. - This is every team's colored uniform (previously known as Road uniform) *Community: (Also referred to as Pride, or City Pride, etc.) Team uniform design that draws inspiration from the community surrounding and supporting the team. - Can be white or colored. (previously known as Alternate uniform) *Athlete's Mindset: (Also referred to as Athlete, Mindset, etc.) Team uniform design that is inspired by players or teams of years past or present. - Can be colored or white. Many team are using fauxback uniform combining both modern and retro elements from the team's history. (previously known as Alternate uniform or Hardwood Classic uniform) *Not sure if every team has both a "Community" and an "Athlete's Mindset" uniform, but they all have at least one of the two.
  22. back to football uniforms, These helmets stood out to me in this video posted recently by Arkansas Football. I haven't seen anything about Arkansas changing their look, but that stripe is rather conspicuous. I thought it might just be a practice thing, but would they really go through the work of applying full stripes to every players helmet and risk gunking them up, peeling off paint, etc. just to remove the stripe a few weeks later? That doesn't make all that much sense to me, which makes me think this might be an actual uniform addition. Can somebody more informed than me shed any light?
  23. Wait what? Any sort of confirmation on these at all, or are these just unis you saw in a 2k vid and assumed were real? To me it looks like they were custom made with the Wizards striping pattern on the jersey and some generic "Spripe #3" on the pants. I can't imagine their new uniforms not featuring a trace of their new green color, tree motifs, or unique striping pattern
  24. Arkansas adding captains' "C" patches this year.