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  1. Oh yeah. I'll get on that. Also might change the yello to more of a gold. Looks a little too greenish. Here you go. Sorry for the delay. 49er Mitch Turbisky up next.
  2. The stripes kinda translated weirdly onto the mach speed template but it looks o.k.
  3. Here's a Deshaun Watson as a 9er that i'd made earlier to hold you over until I get there. Dalvin Cook should be done today.
  4. I've been seeing a lot of mock drafts recently and i thought I'd try my hand at putting projected draft picks in NFL uniforms. The players don't have to be declared yet, either. I'll take requests if you guys have any, I'm bored. Deshone Kizer - Cleveland Browns The Browns need a good quarterback, and Kizer is a good passer with solid mobility and play making ability.
  5. I don't know who the actual manufacturer is, all I know is that it has the Riddell wordmark right below the collar on the back.
  6. My high school (Bellevue East- in Bellevue, Nebraska) has been experimenting with lots of trendy stuff over the past few years. Here's our home set from last season: Our mascot is the chieftains, thus the headdress-inspired (i guess..?) feathers on the shoulders and the FSU old spear on the helmet. This year, our school got a sponsorship deal with Adidas, so we got new home uniforms (we get new road unis next season, along with grey alternates). Here were our uniforms from this season: Metallic numbers with generic Adidas "speed stripe" on the shoulders, trendyyyy. The matte black helmets were retained from the previous year, and the purple facemasks were replaced with metallic silver. A "BE" on one side and a number on the other (did i say they were trendy?) replace the spears from last year. Here are the two variations of road sets, one with black pants and one with purple pants: bonus: I'm number 7 the last pic. BOSS
  7. i don't even mind the design that much (minus the "shiny numbers") but the jersey as a while looks incredibly poorly made and looks like something a pop warner team would wear.
  8. https://www.nhl.com/goldenknights were live!!
  9. I noticed that too (and it's on Chris Weber, I believe). The only pic on Getty Images of him isn't very clear. It might be a small camera or something? He was the only guy on the team wearing it.
  10. wow these are actually pretty solid. i like the Kansas one especially. HUGE upgrade over what they have now.
  11. can we have multiple pants options or one for each set?
  12. I'm hoping that Oregon wears a white/apple green version of this uni at Nerbaska week 3. that will be a good looking matchup. I'm also curious as to where on the jersey the wing pattern stops on the back and how. Does it fade? Does it stop at the seam? Also, i wonder if they'll go with a yellow nameplate in the middle of the pattern or if they'll just stitch the name right onto the jersey so as not to interrupt the wing pattern.
  13. absolutely. especially the backup QB number 10 was the biggest discrepancy between thicknesses. it honestly grated on my eyes all game long
  14. Here's a blurry side view of the uniforms to be worn with them: They're to be called the "Flying Tiger" uniforms
  15. i don't understand the significance of the houndstooth pattern on the helmet stripe and undershirts, but that aside, i think this is a good, clean look for wku. an improvement by Russell for sure
  16. Huh, interesting. I was never aware of that and you couldn't tell from their site: http://www.hydrographicsinc.com/
  17. The shoulder/cuff area stripes have changed since this picture and they actually look a lot more like Houston's from both NU and Wisconsin's standpoint. Nebraska has switched to the sleeve-capped techfit template, and Wisconsin has switched to a sleeve-capped UA template. Nebraska's strippes are still much broader, but the resemblence to Wisconson is still there: If they wear their red helmet from last season at home that's a pretty close look.
  18. With Oregon wearing the Vicis helmet this year, it will be interesting to see what HGI (Hydro Graphics Inc., originators of chrome, satin helmets and multi-colored facemask trends) can/will do with the flexible exterior. Dollars to donuts they're working on it right now.
  19. 'Lina's done! This is probably one of my more out-there concepts, but i tried to keep some areas conservative. CAROLINA HURRICANES: The logo/wordmark are taken from the NHL Hurricanes branding. The Hurricanes' Red remains the primary, and the Panthers' Blue is the secondary. Silver is dumped in favor of white, and black is the last color. The white home uniforms feature "hurricane" striping around the arms and waist. The number font is taken from the hurricanes jerseys and features a similar design to the "canes" wordmark on the chest. The striping remains consistent, but it gains a white outline on the road black set. Te chest wordmark reamains the same because the "Carolina" wordmark doesn't space well w/ the rest of the jersey. The numbers/ player names are the same colors as the home set as well. C&C Appreciated! Chicago up next!
  20. I actually like that India logo a lot. Maybe ditch the tusk like @Broncoboy7 said, but either way the roundel, elephant and floral pattern combined scream "India"
  21. Adidas Designer- "By making a "U" under the ass, we reflect on the past behind us, by making the design wrap around towards the front of the legs, we look towards the future in front of us."
  22. How about this? The buffao is an odd shape so the legs kinda stick out, but i think it looks alright. Or am i wrong and it looks like the Buffalo is getting his legs mutilated? What do you guys think?