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  1. I appreciate all the feedback thus far. Thanks for all the interest! Here are the Buffalo Sabres! BUFFALO SABRES: The logo is the Buffalo Sabres primary minus the stupid gray outlines and with the Bills' buffalo replacing the classic charging buffalo. The Bills' Royal Blue serves as the primary color, with the Sabres' Gold, White, and darker Blue serving as the secondary, tertiary, and quaternary, respectively. The Sabres' wordmark is recolored and used as the primary wordmark. The home uniform is a white base with a broad royal blue /thin gold stripe around the waist and arms, along with a similar "sabre" inspired vertical stripe along either side. The player's front number replaces the charging buffalo in the primary logo on the jersey. The away jersey is a royal blue base with blue/yellow sriping in the same pattern as the home set. The back number is white with a gold outline for visibility and the front number is in the same format as on the home jersey. C&C appreciated! Up next, Carolina.
  2. To the best of my knowledge most teams use the same endzone design on their main practice field as they do in their stadium endzones, with the exception that the background color isn't painted in. In this case i think there is no BG color and that's what the U's endzones will look like at least at some point this season
  3. This was UVA Equipment's reply to the "new helmet" post by SB nation. Nothing to see here, just a mini-helmet with the logo of one of their trainers. Probably given as a gift from the coaching staff or (by the look of it) the players. Either way, it was created by someone with no eye for design or just no eyes at all.
  4. These look like a high school team that's trying too hard to be "fresh"
  5. Thanks for the feedback so far. Please keep it coming.While I probably won't be able to do much about the completed ones change-wise (i convert them into .jpg before posting, delete the doc file), it definitely helps with upcoming designs i haven't finished yet. Anyways, here's Boston. BOSTON BRUINS: This uses the Boston Bruins logo/wordmark set, recolored using a palette featuring the Patriots' Nautical Blue as the primary, the Bruins' Gold as the secondary, Patriots' White and Red as the tertiary and quaternary, respectively. The jerseys in this set, much like the team's identity, are simple and clean. The home jerseys are white with a Blue, Gold, and Red tri-stripe around the collar and arm holes. The waist features a mirrored version of such stripe. No N.O.B for either jersey, instead, the Bruins primary logo. The extra outline on the numbers, team name, stripes are eliminated on the road set in order to convey a simpler look. Dual-stripe of Red and Gold on the collar and arm holes, waist. C&C Appreciated. Up next, Buffalo
  6. I really don't mind seeing the jumpman logo on these. I mean, sure it's a basketball brand, and the logo features a guy holding a basketball, but i feel like it has become more of an overall athletic brand, which im fine with
  7. The template will probably be available to use in a few weeks. I'm still tweaking it. It feels like it's missing something. The Stars/Cowboys combo is still a little bit down the road, but we'll get there!
  8. So i recently made a new basketball uniform template and wanted to try it out, so i decided to make a new concept: Combine the brand identities of NFL and NHL teams located in or reasonably near the same city, and combine those brands into a new NBA team, complete with uniforms (home and away). The limitations are this: I cannot completely redesign a logo, i can only take the current ones and re-color/ make slight adjustments (add shading, combine parts or two different logos). A team can have no more than four colors on its palette, with all of the colors coming from the two logos used. The uniforms must feature a front and a back number, as well as the primary logo, and can only use number fonts, wordmarks, etc featured in either team's branding or on their respective uniforms. In many cases, the team will take the same name as the logo used provides, the reason being it's hard to get consistency between the logos, wordmarks, and numbers. C&C is appreciated. ARIZONA CARDINALS: I used the Cardinals logo, wordmark with the Phoenix Coyotes brick red as the primary and their sand as the secondary. The Cardinals' red is the tertiary. The home sets are sand-colored, and feature the "CARDS" wordmark with a dual-red stripe down the side.The number font is taken from the Phoenix Coyotes jerseys. The away uniforms are dual-red, featuring the same striping pattern. The "Arizona" wordmark is featured on the chest. The number font remains the same. Up next: Boston Bruins
  9. I like the idea behind these. but so far I don't think they've been executed very well. The colors seem to be fighting with one another for superiority instead of coming together to create a clean, cohesive look. I think focusing on black, silver, and red it a great idea on the first one, but on the second, i'd really like to see either a red or a gold jersey, both with black accents, because black remains an important part of both teams color schemes. What you have so far reminds me of when CFB teams do "awareness" games and force other colors (usually pink) into their uniforms and logos where they don't belong. I like this idea though, and I look forward to any improvements and future posts. Good luck!
  10. i figured from the ABA logo that the game ball was R/W/B, but that doesn't mean the ball in your logo has to be. It's not like the Cavs, Nets, Wizards, Lakers, etc. use an orange ball in their logos.
  11. Ohhhhhh. Yeah it should probably be pink or something to define it from the fin
  12. why do all of these teams with a basketball in their logo (most of them) opt for the R/W/B bull :censored: instead of a team colored, stylized ball? i feel like anyone who isn't visually or mentally impaired would think it looks like crap
  13. The re-coloration of the Broncos' uniform is great. I'd really like to see that in real life.
  14. wow good call on that i think that may be exactly what it is
  15. I really don't think so. The VT font shares little to none of the defining characteristics of the Glades Bold font (ex: broad vertical strokes/thin horizontal strokes, the block serifs on the 2, 3, and 7, and the overall thickness of the lines). I mean, there are only so many ways to portray the numbers 0-9, and just because a typeface gives you the same feel that another one does, it doesn't mean it's a "ripoff" (especially when the same company presumably designed both). IMO the new VT jersey font looks clean, and it fits the uniforms well. Any ideas as to what it will be called? "Blacksburg" is already taken, so maybe "Hokie" or "Tech"?
  16. yeah so i didn't really know where to post this but it seems like something most CCSLCers would be interested in. sorry if this has been posted already. enjoy and good luck! http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/17104608/nba-uni-watch-throws-readers-help-timberwolves
  17. This is NOT okay it needs to end NOW..sigh.. ok fine
  18. When i first stumbled across this helmet a little less than a year ago, that was exactly what went through my mind. I can't see anywhere on the helmet where you could put a logo without it looking cluttered. Especially for teams with different-colored facemasks from the helmet.
  19. tbh i don't care when they were released. they weren't posted, and now they are
  20. If adidas' other practice jerseys are any indication this will be the new number font on ECU's jerseys next season:
  21. Possible unpopular opinion incoming here but I have never really been a fan of ND's green jerseys. I always thought navy looked much better
  22. So SMU appears to have something in the works.From the shield/mesh collar logo I'm guessing it's gonna be this template used by Oregon back in 2014 and others in 2015. I don't know the name of it. The chest wordmark appears to be the Michigan State custom font. The shoulder/pants stripes are pretty meh. Also, UNLV new helmets: And I saw this helmet posted a while back, here are the bland jerseys they're pairing it with: