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  1. Waiting for Tennessee to shoot their next uniform reveal in a barrel of Jack Daniels...
  2. I don't know when this was rolled out, but whomever OK'd this needs to be fired. They took an absolute classic industrial mark and turned it into bland, uninteresting, Great-Value-Brand nonsense.
  3. never felt as out of place as i do now, sandwiched between 8th-grade "Black D" jokes, and boomer-tier BAD COMMUNIST FIST discourse. Duke-ND should still look damn good on TV, the black logo will be an eyesore on closer shots though
  4. Honestly it looks more "Trump-y". I guess my web history has I.D.'d me as being in the "young conservative" demographic, so i get a bunch of ads that are clearly targeted for Trump voters, and they all have the same sort of look. Wide, semi-bold to bold blue letters in a box shape.
  5. i have never voluntarily watched hockey in my life but i'm definitely going to buy this the moment it's available
  6. now make a digicam "IRA Edition"! *Dropkick Murphys intensifies*
  7. If nothing else, this is a great opportunity to replace one of the most dull identities in baseball. I see it as a win-win.
  8. Not sure that putting "CLT" on the nose bumper is the best idea, but i like the idea of the "pickax C", i think it could've been executed a bit better though. Definite upgrade.
  9. am i the only one who could only ever see raw meat in the old collar pattern?
  10. G: 7 S: 3 B: 5 were this purely based on mascot 9 would win in a landslide