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  1. Wow that's gonna look really good especially indoors
  2. Good eye. Those are definitely from their previous set. Do you think maybe they're using the old sets as practice unis and #16 just grabbed the wrong pants?
  3. I REALLY liked Liz Warren's mint green, but i suspect had she made it to the general it would've turned into light blue.
  4. Waiting for Tennessee to shoot their next uniform reveal in a barrel of Jack Daniels...
  5. I don't know when this was rolled out, but whomever OK'd this needs to be fired. They took an absolute classic industrial mark and turned it into bland, uninteresting, Great-Value-Brand nonsense.
  6. never felt as out of place as i do now, sandwiched between 8th-grade "Black D" jokes, and boomer-tier BAD COMMUNIST FIST discourse. Duke-ND should still look damn good on TV, the black logo will be an eyesore on closer shots though
  7. Honestly it looks more "Trump-y". I guess my web history has I.D.'d me as being in the "young conservative" demographic, so i get a bunch of ads that are clearly targeted for Trump voters, and they all have the same sort of look. Wide, semi-bold to bold blue letters in a box shape.
  8. i have never voluntarily watched hockey in my life but i'm definitely going to buy this the moment it's available
  9. now make a digicam "IRA Edition"! *Dropkick Murphys intensifies*
  10. If nothing else, this is a great opportunity to replace one of the most dull identities in baseball. I see it as a win-win.
  11. Not sure that putting "CLT" on the nose bumper is the best idea, but i like the idea of the "pickax C", i think it could've been executed a bit better though. Definite upgrade.
  12. am i the only one who could only ever see raw meat in the old collar pattern?