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  1. 42 minutes ago, WSU151 said:



    Not sure that putting "CLT" on the nose bumper is the best idea, but i like the idea of the "pickax C", i think it could've been executed a bit better though. Definite upgrade.

  2. On 4/19/2020 at 12:33 AM, Captain Tsubasa said:



    Honestly this wouldn't even be bad if they didn't insist on using such a bouncy, organic animation. The movement looks like it should be paired with bubble letters and pastels.


    This is a presidential campaign. You want to convey strength, capability, and some degree of sophistication. I would actually kinda like the graphic if it was paced in the same way a flag would unfurl or something like that; kinda starting fast, and slowing exponentially before coming to a rest at the end position. None of that bouncy little "thrust" action.

  3. 13 minutes ago, Pharos04 said:


    The Rams need to stop pretending they have to be LA's team and just be the Rams and being the LA Rams will come naturally.



    I was just scrolling through Instagram and it struck me how the new logo did not whatsoever evoke "Rams" or even "a ram" at small scale


  4. On 3/9/2020 at 11:08 AM, leopard88 said:


    What made the Oilers set work so well is that they never applied those stripes to a red background (i.e., helmet, jersey, pants), so that element of the pattern never disappears.


    When Florida tried to keep the stripes in the same order, the orange outer stripes disappear on anything orange.  Also, on a white background, the white middle section doesn't "read" as a stripe to me for some reason (if that makes any sense), but I've never had that problem with the Oilers' blue pants.





    thank you! i've been trying to find a way to express this for a while but this is it.  the middle doesn't read as a stripe when its the same color as the jersey. I have this problem with tOSU as well. At first I never understood why people would call UF's striping "consistent", because i thought consistent meant, for example, if the helmet stripe is b/w/b tri-stripe, then the shoulder stripe should be the same tri-stripe but b/o/b, etc.

  5. 3 hours ago, chakfu said:

    What if it were a full gradient from white to athletic to metallic?

    thats what i was thinking, albeit in white>metalllic>gold order. I was waiting for someone to post a gradient mockup but nobody did so i had to do it myself.




    not good

  6. 11 hours ago, upperV03 said:

    I too am a bit disappointed to not see the Ducks go with the apple green (preferably in the yellow/green/yellow combo), but I don’t mind what they’re going with at all, especially as an homage to their 2012 Rose Bowl combo. 

    I especially appreciate the fauxback because the 2012 Rose Bowl was what got me interested in uniforms in the first place. Everyone at my middle school was buzzing about Oregon's "Liquid Metal" helmets for days after the game, and there was a whole debate as to whether they were "too distracting" and should be illegal.