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  1. I don't know how long this has been a thing but I just noticed it this morning eating some unsalted peanuts, and I haven't seen it anywhere else on the site so far: I think the new Mr. Peanut is definitely an improvement, but I liked the old wordmark and I think the new one looks too "sporty". One of the first things that came to mind when I saw it was the Cavs jersey wordmark, and it does look pretty similar, save for the fact that the "A" isn't curved at the top. Anyways, here is the new packaging. The overall look is pretty easy on the eyes, but something about not being able to see into the bottom of the jar really bugs me. What do you guys think?
  2. Also, it's almost hard to believe that there that many schools with piss-poor branding. I feel like most of these schools current brand identities were made by current CCSLC'ers when they were like 8.
  3. I loved that update the instant I saw it. Also, BU is 3 wins away from being NAIA Baseball National Champs!
  4. Yeah it looks way nicer. I think I'll go with that and move the E up further to make the logo not so tall. Thanks! P.S. Screw your tape helmets.
  5. Here's a .png version of the template with 1 layer: , but for best results I'd use either the .psd or if you dont have Photoshop download GIMP and use the .xcf: soccer template.xcf . It's up to you.
  6. pls delete
  7. About a year ago I was looking for a soccer kit template to use for some board competition (it might've been logolympiad) and ended up not participating because I don't have photoshop and none of the templates I could find translated well into GIMP. So I started working on one that was easy to use and I think I have done it. Here is a mockup of what a real jersey looks like translated into this template (I chose FC Barcelona because they're pretty much the only team who's unis I can remember off the top of my head): What do you think? If you would like the template just comment with whatever format you want it in and I'll see if GiMP lets me export it. I'll post any download requests just below this if there are any. PSD: soccer template.psd XCF: soccer template.xcf Image:
  8. Okay, so my high school, Bellevue East (Go Chieftains) is entering it's second year of football under our latest head coach. He is in his mid 30's and is all about what's new and trendy in football. For example, our jerseys have 2014 Oregon Ducks wings on the shoulders (in purple and silver) on a BFBS base. The number font is strange and angular and the pants (BFBS as well) have the word BEAST written down the side. This season, our helmets are getting a change up, and I (going into my senior season) don't want them to look as overloaded as they did last year (matte black shell, chrome FSU Spears on the sides, purple facemask, chrome American flag on back). Currently, Coach plans on putting a logo on one side and a number on the other (did I say he was into all the trends?) with a sparkly metallic silver facemask. The shell remains matte black, and the facemasks have already been ordered, but I want to know what you guys think of the logo he's planning on using and if my proposed fix of it is any good (hopefully so I can ask him to use it.) Here's the logo he is currently planning on using (I can't ask anyone else on the team what they think because Coach wants to keep it hush hush) Here's the logo I want to replace it with. I kept the same angle and slightly increased the bevel, but added in a little cut-in under the serif to replace whatever the hell is on top of the original "B". What do you guys think? (Bonus number font for other side of helmet) Your input and suggestions are appreciated.
  9. I was working on some soccer concepts and I had the idea of putting a small patch on the sleeve for every goal that player scores / save that goalie makes. It would operate like a pride sticker on football helmets, just be placed or sewn onto the jersey itself on somewhere like the sleeve. I don't know a lot about soccer, so why hasn't this been done before?
  10. The white text/ number on the second one is a no-go. The font choice is okay, but it could be better. For "The Heart of Dixie" I'd go with a more "whimsical" script-type font and increase the jersey number size. The jersey striping is a lot, which is sort of mitigated by the simplicity of the rest of the uniform, so it could stay if you killed the outline on the names and numbers and moved them down a tad. Call me a traditionalist, but I think all things Alabama sports should use either Auburn's NW stripe or Alabama's skinny double-stripe. Regarding the color choice, I think you should go with something other than the primary color scheme of a major in-state university. I feel like that would alienate a lot of people from the potential (fictional) fan base. As for the BFBS uniform, please kill it and we'll all pretend it never happened. Overall, it's an O.K. design, but there's nothing special about it that screams "Alabama!", which I think is a necessary trait, especially in concept series like this. This looks like it was taken from a catalog and had words and numbers slapped onto it.
  11. I switched the host from Google to Imgur. It should work now!
  12. Just for clarification, this isn't a concept where I'm trying to make it look how I want it, but rather I'm trying to predict what Under Armour will do with Wisconsin's football uniforms after the presumed takeover happens in July. Anyway, here's my justification for each element of the uniform: Helmet: I think UA is going with the red helmet, not only because it's new and trendy, but it also received pretty good reception among the fanbase as well as helping to distinguish them from Nebraska on TV. The only part I added myself was the small back numbering (which I think UA will do) and the W on the nose bumper (because I think it's subtle and pays a nice tribute to the team's helmet history, and I couldn't come up with anything to put there besides the conference logo or something). Jersey: The striping remains consistent on both the home and away jerseys, with the only real change being how it's applied due to the fabric pattern. The major change is the addition of the "WISCONSIN" wordmark across the chest. The shoulder stripes resemble those of the last few seasons, but have been broadened to match the thickness of the stripes on the helmet. The flying W logo is also applied to the area just below the collar line. Pants: The pants feature the most radical change of any uniform element. Initially, I applied the stripes in the classic style on the side of the pants, but afte r looking at a couple of UA's more recent uniform designs (Maryland, Cincinnati, ND Shamrock Series, South Carolina, etc.) I have found that they really like to accentuate that particular front panel on each half of the front side. Another really trendy UA thing is adding the team name above said panel (hey, at least it's not on the ass anymore) so I tried to incorporate that and as a result it looks incredibly cluttered in the front, and super blank on the back. But when seen in gameplay, I think the multiple angles of view will be enough to make them look not as gaudy and draw too much outrage. What do you think? does this seem realistic, and if so would you like to see this look? Also, how's the presentation aspect (this is a new template I'm trying out) and should I make any major changes to it? C&C much appreciated.
  13. This would be interesting. That logo is currently the Pistons' D-League affiliate Grand Rapids Drive's primary logo and has been since 2014. It would look alright if that's the route the pistons decide to go, but it would also be kinda a cop out in my opinion.
  14. Back again! This next concept is one that takes a little bit of looking at. It is the first of the really "gaudy" courts in this series, but I feel it gets the job done here. Greensboro Swarm: Where do I start? The baseline is covered in a honeycomb pattern that carries onto the court in the form of a darker finish on the wood floor. The floor itself is made of a mix of different woods blended together to create a really clean feel underneath (there's enough going on already). The arena logo is inside of the three point line because it feels like it was made precisely for this team (probably because it was). The team's alternate logo balances out the interior. Overall, it looks very busy, which under normal circumstances wouldn't be a good thing. But because the team is named the Swarm, this court does well to create a feel of constant motion and energy as your eyes are constantly being carried from one feature to another. C&C Appreciated.
  15. Wow it's been a while since I posted on this. I just haven't had a lot of time on my hands recently, but I have enough tonight to post another concept. I decided to go with a more detailed court after positive feedback from the last one. Grand Rapids Drive: There isn't a lot to say, as this court is pretty forthwith, as is the logo. The mid-court logo is gargantuan and a big "GR" secondary logo is superimposed onto the floor, which is why the arena logos are on the baseline. The out of bounds line is outlined in red to mimic the logo. C&C appreciated!
  16. Okay I attempted to remedy both problems with this next court. The half court circle is supposed to be there on every court, I just think it's better for presentation's sake to have people just assume it's there. But anyways, I added a see-able circle at half court and arena logos for the next team, the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. Please provide C&C on this new style (whether i should continue on with arena logos/mid-court circle) as well as the concept itself. Thanks! Fort Wayne Mad Ants: This is on of my favorite designs. The mad ant logo is unique and the color black goes really well with the red and yellow. The surface is pattern-cut oak made to resemble anthills and the jagged edges to evoke a sense of fury (how's my NikeSpeak?). The baseline text is kept simple because the floor draws a lot of attention already. C&C plox.
  17. The last one looks pretty good in the fact that I could see it being used as a logo for a 90's Super Bowl. On the other ones I'd get rid of the gradients/glows/clip art/shadows and re-do them with the same design, but different execution. Also, the third one especially is reminiscent of those "have you or your loved ones suffered or died from mesthelioma?" commercials.
  18. It might just be me, but these give off an early 2000's feel. Too much use of "metal" gradients and oddly-serif'd text as well as the "glowing" edges. If you want to greatly improve these I'd go back into whatever program you used and make more single-color layers and more clearly defined borders. (You should also probably condense all of your Super Bowl Logo concepts into one post instead of creating 6 different posts and cluttering up the forum ) Also, is that the Law & Order font?
  19. I'm still alive! I had a few bball games over the past few days so I haven't really had time to do this. Anyway, Yeah I thought about that but I think a lot of arena logos cold be considered sponsor logos so I stayed on the safe side and left them out. As for alt logos inside the 3 point line and such, I don't really like the way they look and if it were up to me, they wouldn't be allowed, so that's one reason, as well as the fact that many of these teams only have one usable court logo, due to other logos being oddly shaped, wordmarks, etc. Next up in the series, the Erie Bayhawks. Erie Bayhwaks: Erie has a quirky logo which I kinda like, so I displayed it pretty big at half court, Inside the three point line is tinted Erie Gold (I don't know if that's the actual color, but whatever), and the top of the key is scarlet. I wanted to focus attention to the logo, so i used generic-colored broad panels for the woodwork (and I just like broad-paneled floors). C&C Appreciated.
  20. Not a huge fan of FSU but I absolutely love those gold uniforms. It's a rare look and I imagine it looking even better in real life.
  21. Well, I'm on to the next one. This was the first court I made in this series and it's definitely one of my favorites. Here's the Delaware 87ers. Delaware 87ers: I like how clean and classic the 87ers primary (76ers old logo) looks, so i tried to recreate that in the way i designed the court. The half court logo is just a mite larger than normal, and I tried to give it a nice modern feel without it looking too cluttered by adding a lighter-colored ring of stars as featured in the logo. The area inside the three point stripe features the same lighter-finished wood. C&C? Any comments on how to make this series more interesting/appealing?
  22. Alright guys, it's time for another court. I will say in advance that this is my least favorite of the designs. Canton just doesn't give you a lot to work with. Anyways, here's the Canton Charge: Canton Charge Not a lot to say here. I tried to spice it up a little bit with "glowing" baseline letters but it still seems to be missing something, and for the life of me, I can't tell what it is. C&C greatly appreciated. (If it makes you guys feel any better, this is pretty much the last of the "boring" courts imo)