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  1. This uni has always been on of the most tasteful bowl alternates imo. I wish more teams understood nuance.
  2. Missed opportunity for a Jostens sponsor patch.
  3. My first thought on seeing this set was "SMU" but i couldn't quite put my finer on why A quick image search reminded me: the awful red number/colored outline/dark gray base combo.
  4. I remember watching the highlights of this game. First thought: "Those look a lot like Oklahoma's unis." Second thought: "Who gives a :censored:, those are freakin' gorgeous!"
  5. I know that player is trying to look all pumped and everything, but it looks more like he's going through an existential crisis what with all the head grabbing and screaming.
  6. I remember being frustrated last season when they played at Nebraska, because they only wore one of their team colors, and had too much grey. The game was at midday, and on the broadcast, with the glaring sunlight, it looked much worse than this picture would make it seem. (EDIT: Broadcast glare example) Broadcast:
  7. What in god's name is going on in that top shoulder stripe?
  8. Nebraska alt full reveal today. I would be just fine with this being in the rotation once or twice a season for the foreseeable future. This is the obvious black jersey design that Nebraska fans have wanted for years, and somehow Adidas has only now figured it out.
  9. I most certainly see the red on there, but the placement makes me think that might actually be red TV numbers as opposed to a stripe.
  10. Great... so now we will have an Under Armour rendition of the great "N" vs. "W" calamity from a few years back. yuck
  11. dont remember seeing this here already, Tom Steyer's campaign logo:
  12. FTFY can we stop pretending like this isn't a subjective thing (something that it is perfectly acceptable to agree to disagree on). Sure, by and large, it's a safe bet to say that the overwhelming majority of top recruits would seem to prioritize team success over "swag", but i don't think that anyone was levying a claim contrary to that (highest educated estimate put out there was 10%-20% of athletes for whom uniforms was a major consideration, i believe?). Making claims like "winning matters 110% more [period]", in reference to the opinion of student-athletes is not only absurd because you are purporting to know the often undisclosed specifics behind the decisions made by recruits, but there is also significant room for error with the conflation between the the National Champs and the teams that recruit the most talented kids (where, while there is overlap, it is most certainly not a 1:1 ratio of recruiting class ranking => on-field success). I echo @bucky_bleichert 's sentiment here. Agree to disagree.
  13. Like they have twice in the past 5 years? (the all new set in 2014 and the trim tweak in 2017[?])
  14. i believe what @bkknight95 means is that the purple jersey's numbers have an outline similar to the color of the numeral itself, while the white jersey's numerals contrast with their outline (white outlined in gold is light/light, purple outlined in white is dark/light). The farther away you get, the more your eyes will blur the two together, thus giving the white/gold numerals a heavier visual presence against a dark backdrop than the purple/white ones against a white backdrop.
  15. Maybe they're just adding red/red back into the mix? I honestly wouldn't mind seeing that look a couple times a year, plus they wouldn't need to add any new elements.
  16. Honestly i think the yoke striping could be a really nice element for NCSt if it weren't sliced all to pieces
  17. Great job on UNO. The switch to predominantly black/white with red as more of an accent color is extremely consistent with their on-campus branding. As a side note, i'm really digging the little uniform icons that show the different combos, as opposed to cluttering up the thread with every one in full form.
  18. I always assumed it was just the way the fabric dye reacted to the different materials. Like if they use the same color of blue on the "traditional fabric" elements as the "elastic textile", it stands to reason that the color would "take" to the different materials differently, especially seeing as the elastic material seems to naturally be a bit darker.
  19. Okay so i think i've got this somewhat figured out: The "adicustom" domain in the first link is not an Adidas domain. When i removed the "uniforms" tag and just went to "", it took me to a fairly standard standard catalog page. However, many of the links in the nav bar of that page re-direct you to "". Upon exploring *that* nav bar, i found multiple links to pages referencing "Agron." If you follow those links, you can find some poorly made sites, a couple of which reference "Agron, Inc." (Bloomberg overview of Agron, Inc). It seems to me that Agron, as a licensed distributor of adidas products, is just trying to make their sites look like the official Adidas catalog site. But i mean, hey; their customization interface seems to be superior so they can go on ahead. *also worth noting that on under the "Order Products" tab, they do link the official Adidas "miTeam" site above their own "Uniform Configurators", i would guess at Adidas' behest So, while technically not "an official Adidas site" in the sense that it's not run by Adidas, it is an independent distributor officially licensed to sell Adidas products, so by that measure it technically is an official site.
  20. I'm REALLY interested in seeing how those shoulder stripes terminate in the back. Do they just stop where the back edge of the sleeve cap ends? Do they divert down the side/back of the jersey? Do they taper back under the nameplate? Do they join INTO a color-blocked nameplate?