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  1. Kou was referring to Wyoming* (who went with the "CFL" template as opposed to the newest techfit) and expressing his relief that they did not use the same jersey cut as ASU (the pis he commented on) *
  2. Is it safe to say Under Armour has usurped Adidas' 2nd place spot as far as overall quality of uniform design goes? Adidas seems to have a few good looks in traditional teams (Miami, Nebraska, now ASU), but thats not really a result of their design team so much as taking what the respective shools already brought to the table and putting it together. I think the biggest differentiator for Nike right now is that they'll take a G5 school such as Wyoming or SDSU (two of the better reworks of recent memory) and build a solid look thats unique to the one team wearing it. Under Armour has created solid looks for their P5 programs, and has branched out fairly effectively into G5, providing unique looks to at least a few programs (CSU, USF) I can't off the top of my head think of a single mid-size program that Adidas as so much as made a custom striping pattern for, much less made a whole new look for. All of Adidas' G5 schools seem to be slave to their template.
  3. This may be a hot take, but the ACC looks pretty damn good top to bottom
  4. Either this is being over-hyped by the player for hype's sake ..or Oregon is putting LED's in their helmets. at this point i wouldnt be surprised by either
  5. i'll tell ya ECU's new threads look awful but the fact that the new techfit template inst nearly as gaudy as the old one in natural lighting has got me excited!
  6. If not for the Oar-Stripeᵀᴹ, this would actually be an improvement over their previous road set. unfortunately, this is the SINGLE combination where this is the case
  7. If these are real, then count me as a YUUGE fan. It's cool to see the Cavs finally settle into a look unique to them.
  8. I tried mocking that up, and it looks good-not-great. I think if they want to go Fiesta they should go 100%.
  9. P.J. Fleck said in a recent Facebook Live interview that Minnesota will be getting new uniforms in "a few weeks", and that “just like anything we do, they’re probably going to upset some people.” #ChromeAlert
  10. well this is a good sign for those (me) who want the jazz to adopt this set full time. "Jazz break arena store sales record with debut of new uniforms against Warriors"
  11. Wait then how are there still 3 logos showing? Arent the logos on the front top of the sock?
  12. You literally quoted the answer to this. Nike does make the socks thicker in areas one is likely to get blisters from friction with their shoes. Some players want even more thickness, so they wear multiple pairs of socks. I'd be willing to bet that Nike's sales data tell them that this is close to the ideal padding that most people are looking for in performance socks. But keep in mind that NBA players aren't "most people." Maybe they should make "PE" socks for the nba with extra padding or something. (The areas with the brighter white are padded) And speaking from personal experience, Nike Basketball socks are extremely cushy, and I've never gotten blisters after wearing just one pair for a couple games, something that has happened to me in Adidas and Under Armour basketball socks.
  13. They said they'd be releasing it in spring, but i think their hockey team just messed up by posting pics of their new uniforms. Looks like both a lighter gold and a less saturated navy. Not sure how i feel about the number font either.
  14. I'd really like to see the old twister helmet logo come back in some capacity at least. (Sorry for potato quality)
  15. They're not mascots so much as playable characters in the game. I don't even think those heroes (playable characters) are associated in the team in any sort of "mascot" capacity, i think it's to show off the in-game "uniform" for the teams, but i may be wrong. Winston is a "tank" hero with a lot of health and a shield. He has an electricity gun, which resulted in the nickname, "Mike Pence".
  16. this is actually refreshing. hopefully Matt Campbell and his consultants opted for more of a throwback look a la the early 90s (see below), but i expect them to go for more of an "2013 Oregon/2015 Western Michigan Swag" vibe, as most of the young coaches do.
  17. I play OW a lot so this is something .that's all over the Blizzard app, in game, etc. Some of the teams look like the generic homemade E-Sports teams as far as branding, but there are a few really good ones. Bad: New York Excelsior Dallas Fuel Houston Outlaws (well this is more the color scheme that doesn't do it for me) Good: Seoul Dynasty Philadelphia Fusion San Francisco Shock As far as its merits as a sport, I'd consider it to be up there. I don't think sports can be defined as purely physical, i mean just look at race car driving. It does take a lot of skill (albeit non-physical skill) to be good at OW, and it's not like there are just a bunch of game mechanics that the pros abuse. They have to play like everyone else, they are just extremely better at doing it, which sounds like pro sports to me.
  18. @WavePunter is right to an extent. Materials are not inherently "tight" or "loose". If you describe a fabric as "tight", that means that it has more elasticity to it, allowing it to be cut and sewn in patterns smaller than would be acceptable with a more inelastic material. If one could get their hands on a ream of "Techfit PrimeKnit" textile, they could easily make a loose fitting jersey by increasing the size of certain areas on the cutting pattern and sew together accordingly. The reason Adidas doesn't do this and stands by their number-warping practice is that they claim that it benefits players by making them harder to tackle because there's less stuff to bring them down by (which is debatable). However, I think that simple semantics have created a bit of confusion. See, we all understand that fabrics are simple sheets until they are patterned or woven into their desired shape. We can also agree that these textile have certain unique properties (ie. elasticity, texture) that lend themselves towards different usages. Fore example, it is entirely useless to devote resources towards developing a super-elastic fabric blend unless one intends to put that elasticity to use (in Adidas' case, by making tight-fitting jersey).@andrewharrington basically just skipped the middle man in his initial argument imo, claiming that the textile was "tight". Obviously a ream of fabric isn't inherently "tight", but it's fairly obvious that because it is highly elastic, it is mean to be tight-fitting in the final product. Hopefully we can stop this "Properties of Fabrics 1010" thread and get back to the uniforms now. I personally found the PrimeKnit jersey to be really constricting when I first put it on, but I got acclimated to it quickly, and it ended up being pretty comfy. And yes, there are slots for the shoulder pads in the sleeve caps, which honestly is an incredibly underrated feature. Throwing is way easier as your shoulders are almost completely uninhibited (depending on the size of your pads), because the jersey pulls the little shoulder covers back towards the center. I still really dislike the printed, warping numbers and tire tread pattern, but it felt great at least. The pants were less than great. I can't pinpoint what it was about them but they just felt awkward.
  19. I agree that it needs an update, but the current "N" on the helmet is great, and when i've mocked up the block N on the helmets, it looks tacky. Overall i think the uniforms look very dated due to how broad the stripes are. Thin 'em out a bit, get larger numbers with a thinner stroke, and wear black socks/shoes/accessories every time and you have a top ten look. EDIT: (very) Rough mockup of what i'd like nebraska to look like (obviously with consistent striping, etc.)
  20. Recruit on an official visit is wearing a gray face mask in his photo shoot. Hopefully this indicates at least an alternate uni coming w/ the gray face mask, but i'd really like to see Nebraska wear it full-time, like they did back in the 70s.
  21. Adidas is using the Army All-American game to roll our their new template, the "Primeknit A1". They got rid of the tire tread pattern (thank the lord) and replaced it with a slightly more subtle "freshly plowed field" texture. The cut of the sleeve caps remains the same, but there are now perforations at the base of the collar. Overall, its a much-needed improvement.