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  1. It seems like the jazz gradient progresses much faster on the jersey than on conrad's initial mockup. Is it possible that the gradient reverses itself on the pants? Jersey: (Yellow => Orange) Pants: (Orange => Yellow) I can't imagine the color going any deeper (red/pink) so i really only think they would either stay the bottom orange color throughout the shorts or reverse the gradient. Thoughts?
  2. Hopefully this is used somewhere on the uniforms/compressions/etc. It seems too good to waste!
  3. Well if the Nike one isn't authentic, then neither of them are. I don't recall Mitchell & Ness ever producing game jerseys for the NBA. They've always stricctly made style jerseys and the like, so it would not be a surprise at all if neither of those jerseys are the actual gold
  4. So Nevada made this poorly-advised move today. maybe they would look fine if they weren't matte, but the Nike Pro Combat number on the other side isn't helping either. Idk why but i thought of a child's coloring page when i first saw these.
  5. What if there is a secondary logo as a uniform element? But not shown full size anywhere else on the presentation?
  6. Its funny that Oregon doesn't use them anymore, cause theyre just an hour and a half up the road from Eugene,and that was the school for HGI in the beginning. Here's every school that has worn/is wearing a HGI "dipped" helmet. They also made the much maligned "leather" Redskins helmets back in the day.
  7. >Initial Reaction "Wow, these uniforms are really cool looking." >See They're Ohio State Uniforms >Sees They're For Michigan Game "These uniforms freakin suck." UM-tOSU should always always alwayssssss be traditional uniforms, maybe even color on color, but none of this stuff^^^
  8. Some good lookin helmets for Tulane this weekend. Hopefully they pair em with green jerseys n white pants.
  9. Well to be fair the ones on top for UCLA and TAMU aren't really close to the current template. I believe those to be the original techfit and the schockweb jerseys. Both of their collar cuts are pretty different, and the fact that neither of them had sleeve caps is really what sets them apart from the current PrimeKnit jerseys. I hate the PrimeKnit pattern on the current jerseys, but at least now the stripes are EITHER on the sides of the shoulders OR on top of the shoulders, instead of in no mans land up there. (See Nebraska, circa 2012)* *
  10. Are those lights in the floor? or are are they very concentrated, intense green lights focused on those small areas? I would think they are lights but I can't imagine the T-Wolves getting permission from the NBA to hhave certain parts of the floor not be wooden.
  11. I actually really like look of the full single stripes. However, I think the crimson mask is far better on the crimson helmet. As for the simplicity of the set, it seems as though the designers thought the number typeface would add enough character on its own.seeing as the lack of any other sort of striping draws attention to the unique aspects of the numbers. Whether they were right in their assumption is up for debate, but the more I see them the more I like them. Something about the striping on their immediately previous set never really sat well with me though.
  12. Say what you will about their set being too bland or what have you, this is the best uniform combo that I have seen in recent years.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but but I think Adidas has, through Miami (and Nebraska, to point a fact), exemplified their ability to incorporate actual, non-sublimated stripes onto the the PrimeKnit template(1). I think these Nebraska jerseys are trying to replicate the look of the large shoulder numbers on the '97 team, and basically were left with no room left for the stripe on the sleeve, seeing as the sleeve cap is quite small. I actually kinda like the stripe on the base layer, cause some players will have it showing, and some players wont due to sleeves, etc. and that hearkens back to the actual '97 team where many players rolled up their sleeves fully or part-way, creating an almost rag-tag group of stripeless, single-stripers, and double-stripers(2). I don't think this was intentional by Adidas, but if it was, bravo. (1) (2)
  14. Goddammit can't unsee
  15. I like the deacon AND the gloss a lot, but i'd rather see a one or two color deacon than all three colors. Other than that, no complaints
  16. I personally like the injection of silver back into their color scheme. It gives them more flexibility, and kid of sets them apart, because many teams have silver OR gold, but few have both.
  17. I don't know why they didn't make a Razorbacks version of the Cowboys' usual home uniforms, which are way more iconic.
  18. @Conrad. Posted this on twitter yesterday but I haven't seen it in this thread yet so... If this was their primary it'd be a top 5 uni in the association.
  19. I don't know if I would read too much into this, but the Twitter banner image for Nebraska football's high school relations guy is a player in a black iteration of the home jerseys. Can any Photoshop wizards tell if the jersey looks color-swapped at all? I can spot minor inconsistencies but those also might be an effect of the "digitization" thing going on. (Second picture for effect reference.) Would Nebraska spring an alternate like this? Every one I can remember us wearing has been pre-announced before the season, and plus we already have an alt this year for the Wiscy game. But at the same time, if it's kept simple like this, I think an actual black jersey could be really cool.
  20. You're probably right about that. I guess I should've said instantly recognizable to B1G / College Football logo buffs.
  21. I actually am a huge fan of the "fur stripes" on the helmet. They're fun and instantly recognizable to most intimate CFB fans.
  22. See I think the reason that Oregon's Y/G/Y is such a great look because yellow is bright enough to (almost) serve as a substitute for white.The whole uniform looks very.... saturated.
  23. Just started at Juice stop, a Lincoln/Omaha chain that sells fantastic not-from-concentrate juice smoothies. Anyways, the branding featured on the cups, windows, employee shirts, etc. seems a little bit inconsistent. So I decided to try and make a "modernization" of it while keeping the same general elements to test my abilities. I know this isn't quite top-level material, but I'd still appreciate if you logo and design buffs on the board gave me some pointers. C&C is greatly encouraged- as I still need to do a lot of improving in this area. Previous Logo(s) [I've found both versions, though the cups and shirts feature the version on the left]: Concept New Logo: I tried to keep the same sort of "shield" or "home plate" shape as the base, but changed the (blue/purple + green) double outline to a single deep purple one. I translated the bars from the top row to the bottom, in line with the bottom text. I created a custom logotype for "Juice" that i'm pretty happy with, and "Stop" is in your basic block with little triangular caps on the end to kind of give it a place. I attempted to keep the same basic color palette, but to mellow out the colors a little (i think i may have dulled them too much) I liked the sun element from the original, so I kept it on top of the logo but put it on the white to give it more stature. With the rays I was attempting to go for a fruit slice negative image, with the waves at the bottom of the sun being the juice flowing out, although i could've executed that better, as it's not really visible here. So that's what I put into this - What you got for me?
  24. New helmets for Kent State. Strange because I remember something about them straying from gold in their new uniform set. Anyways, not much to see here. Oversize helmet logo, 3d bumpers, some sort of memorial patch on back. At least they went logo on both sides though instead of going Full Boise. Also, must every Jeff Brohm team have chrome helmets?